Spirituality is in essence the core of who you are. We want to help you stay morally straight by feeding your soul with God’s words of wisdom, serenity, and beauty that always keeps you facing your true north. By sharing our journey we hope that it helps you in times of darkness, that it shows you to smile in joy, and to love in the good times, ugly times and even the bad times. We have faced our trials and tribulations and know how easy it is to fall off course. To stop feeding our souls. We all know all to well how easy it is for us to become victims to the darkness. Like everything else we need to constantly be feeding our spiritual beacon so we will always be guided by our light within rather than the darkness.

Food For the Soul

I hope you soul finds peace in some form or fashion in the blogs that are shared with you:


Parenting Styles

Mom and her three children enjoying an early morning

It is great to keep feeding our minds and souls with knowledge of parenting styles that motivate us to be the parents we desire to be. Parents that lead our children versus taking a chance on how we raise them. 


Parent Child Dedication


God has called upon us to help lead and guide our children. We were blessed to experience a PCD together and have been shown so many ways to go over and beyond to ensure that our ‘fitKids’ have tools to help guide them to walk in the truths of God’s Way.


Church With Kids


Going to church can sometimes be a little difficult with children. Instead of feeling like not going or giving up, Fit 4 All shared thoughts on how to try and change your perspective from a Sunday task to an experience with your children that  can help grow their relationship with the church and the community. Try looking at it from a different point of view here.


Law of Pure Potentiality


Fit 4 All feels like it is important to connect and reconnect with good ole Mother Earth. It not only calms you down so you can create nothing but rational thoughts, but also adds vale to your career, family life, and mentality. If you want to connect with the person you are meant to be then read about the first of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.