Yearn To Learn

I’ve come from past of checking out books from the library as a child in elementary. To borrowing my step moms books as a teenager and falling in love with the idealism of romance novels. To yearning and searching for philosophical books all throughout college to widen my knowledge and perspectives of the world.

Fit 4 All deeply believes that reading books isn’t only good for mental growth but the words on the pages awaken imagination, feed the soul, and help create dreams. For instance Chicken Soup for the Soul. Every story each person shares in all those books speaks directly to the soul. It’s a book full of other people’s stories but has a way to touch you in some way or another that it makes you want to change for the better.

You don’t have to be a dreamer, a romancer, or a philosopher to read up. Read books, whether their online or textbook, small or big, fiction or non-fiction As long as you start reading that first page, you will then see that books can speak to your heart and will become a huge part of your self development. My advice, read books from all genres, and subjects. Even explore in areas that are uncommon to you, you never know what you will find out about yourself, or what will stick and become a part of you.

I hope these short descriptions of books I’ve read will moisten the pallet and leave you hungry for more knowledge to feed your souls:

Law of Pure Potentiality 





Seek Knowledge