Mental Health

Be Mentally Awake

A good mental and emotional health is essential for optimal well-being in life. Mental health is associated with cognitive well-being, whereas emotional health is a physical reaction to particular situations. Taking care of mental and emotional health pays a rich dividend over the time in form of life satisfaction. It’s literally the key to success.

Always be willing to learn, explore, try new ways, and never think your way is the best way. We want to provide tools that assist you in your journey and allow you to grow into the best person you can be. Mental health is personal Growth.


How to Fix Your Marriage


Maintaining self awareness with these two easy steps that can save your marriage.


Seek Knowledge

A photo by Dustin Lee.

When you are shopping for a car, you do all kind of research to see the inside, what kind of engine, how many miles, damage, etc. Your life is the same way. You should always be doing self awareness checks. Read more to upgrade yourself to add value to your life.



Remain in a state of growth by seeking knowledge so you can remain mentally awake. Fit 4 All wants to persuade you to never stop yearning to for more. Life is full of information that we don’t know, the world is our oyster so make it yours by reading one book, article, or even one definition at a time. Check out how books have influenced my life here.

Emotional Stability


Emotional Stability is so hard to maintain in a world full of chaos. Fitness 4 All wants to help share  life obstacles that we have had to face and how we have overcome them so you too can maintain a healthy stable emotional response to life. No matter what life throws your way.