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Mind is a self-energized organ that connects itself to the rest of the body. Any change in the state of mind can and will affect the body and vice versa. It follows the law of cause and effect. It creates the opportunity to have and make choices.

Choices can make all the difference in your child’s life. It’s the difference between making carefree childish decisions to clear proactive decisions. The goal is to raise your child to understand the difference. Kids have a multitude of choices to make as early as a year old. Starting with, do I want to throw a fit over this toy, or do I want to communicate clearly what I want. All the way to, do I want to get in the car with my drunk friend after a high-school party or cut my losses and call my parents no matter the consequences.  It’s making a choice that can save their lives.

It’s instilling your child with character values that help your child change their thinking from negative and self defeating to positive and self-empowering. When they consciously consider the cause and effect of what that choice will do to their future, that’s when you know your child is headed towards success.

Luckily, I have little ones and all I have to worry about is if they are going to handle an issue in a respectful, calm, and proactive manner, or if it will be a full on battle. In order to help them regulate their emotions its my job to use words and encouragement that motivates them to handle situations in a calm and collective way.

The earlier we as parents face this challenge, the better, so I am glad to have the opportunity to tackle this challenge at early ages with all my children. After heavy research along with trial and error,  I share with all you fit-4-all peeps, tips, tools, and techniques that have helped influence my children’s decision making process. And has helped them with overcoming obstacles they may face.

Below are resources and blogs that focus on enhancing your Childs mental growth and encourage them to have a healthy mindset that leads them towards an overall well balanced and successful life:


Kiwi Co | Kid Crates



There’s a never ending supply of projects and activities, to choose from that adds value to our children’s mental growth. We partnered with Kiwi Co crates because of the innovative projects that are sent conveniently to our doorstep each month.

Big Life Journal | Kids Growth Mindset



BLJ, Big Life Journal, a guided journal that is the world’s first growth mindset book created specifically for children. It is full of growth mindset activities that help children to recognize their ability to respond in a proactive manner in any of life’s situations.



A fun + easy way to engage your children’s minds with creative, innovative and convenient STEAM Packages sent right to your home.   Subsrscribe for Kiwi Co here

A inspiring way to engage your children’s growth mindset mentality with easy + practical practices that will help the whole family move towards healthier habits, better communication, and lead your towards that overall wellness lifestyle.