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Feed me with the food that is needful for me. -Proverbs 30:8

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Kids Obstacle Course



Ateam wants to share with you an easy-to-set up indoor obstacle course you can set up for your children to keep them active. Time to set up: 2 mins

5 Fun Easter Activities




 Here are five easter activities that you can use as teachable moments with your children to explain what Easter means for us.


Gentleman’s Suit



 It’s all in the power of a suit, the moment a little boy took his astronaut pajamas off, and put on a mans suit, and became a gentleman. It was a moment I realized, I no longer have a little boy, but a little gentleman.


Ways to Help Your Kids Spread Love


Siblings Sharing a Moment of Love and Laughter

 Fun ways to teach your children how to spread love to one another.

5 Fun Ways to Clean with your Children


5 Fun ways to clean as a Family

 These are simple, but small ways to help encourage your kiddos to enjoy cleaning. To not only become clean kids that turn into clean adults, but to have another area in life that you all can enjoy together vs an area that makes you argue.