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Kids Overall Health

We are a family of five with us being out numbered by 3:2! Having the “fit” life isn’t just for us, but for our whole family. Our goal is to feed your little’s souls, feets, and minds with the essentials to keep them living a life of overall fitness as well. This isn’t something you have to do alone, or separate from the rest of your life. The beautiful thing about being fit is you strive for that overall wellness, to maintain the goal of remaining physically fit, morally straight, and mentally awake, throughout your life in every facet of your life. For us that means with and for our children too.

We have to admit, there is no one thing we use, we mix and match for each child and always play around with new tips, tricks, and tools that we find. We always look, and we always try new things to see what works. My dream would be to motivate families to begin to engage in a manner that brings them adventure. Not only to get your children outside, and active, but to bring adventure to your children’s hearts, minds, and soul that leads them to healthy habits that will enhance their future.

We are adding resources to use with your littles to help them along their fitness journey to guide them towards an overall healthy life. We want to challenge your family to grow with one another progressively that builds a family culture you’ve always wanted. We want to provide your family with information and tools that will help you guide your children towards a purposefully driven overall balanced life.

We thoroughly hope that some of these resources that we use for our kids overall fitness will help guide your littles in their wellness feat that allows them to become physically fit, morally straight, and mentally awake “Fit4Life”-Kids.

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FIT4Life-KIDS Healthy Lifestyle


Fitness 4 All wants to bring adventure to your children’s hearts, minds, and soul in a manner that brings them healthy habits that will enhance their futures.


Fit4LifeKids Spiritual Journey


There is a connection between a child’s physical and mental health that links with a child’s faith. Understanding how a child’s faith forms is crucial to knowing how adults can most significantly enhance the child’s spiritual development.

 Fit4Life-Kids Mindset

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Fitness 4 All provides resources and blogs that focus on enhancing your childs mental growth and encourage them to have a healthy mindset that leads them towards an overall well balanced and successful life.