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Remain Physically Strong by staying on top of your workout routines with these tips and tools that have worked with us. I am a Professional Fitness Trainer and have dabbled in many sorts of training styles. From Bootcamps, Zumba, Crossfit, and Strength Training. I’ve even dabbled in fad training to see what it could offer; such as,  P90X, Body Beast, and other fun Beach Body videos. I even began to compete in NPC Bikini Competitions in 2013 and 2014. I tested my body to the extreme and I loved where I took myself. I found out what I was made of. Then I took another journey back into pregnancy with baby number 3, 4, and 5.

I got in shape after 3 and 4 because I still loved fitness, however the past year it has been  difficult for me. I had to step away from my regime and find my love for fitness all over again. That’s when I dabbled in other areas of fitness than just strength training. I allowed myself to feed my passion for fitness all over again, so I wouldn’t have hate for the workout, but could actually enjoy what I was doing all over again.

I have learned along the way that there is no wrong way to get in shape, and it is not one dimensional. That is of course implying that all safety measures are being taken. It’s all about getting your body moving however that works for you and strive for a healthier heart. The most important part is TO ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT IS FUN! I know sweating and hard work doesn’t always seem like fun, but there are fun ways to make you sweat. There are fun ways to get in shape. You have to find your niche, your groove, and see what it is that you like.Try other areas, have fun with it, and test yourself and all your limits. You never know how far you can go.

I hope that my fitness journey helps fuel you, inspire you, and motivate you. I want to show you that anyone can do it, at any point in their life. These fitness tips below are for everyone: Moms, Dads, kids, active and the sedentary. My goal is to feed you all with fitness tips that encourage people to get out there and be healthy.

Gain Overall Fitness by reading  below:


How Do I Lose Weight


Everybody’s question is how much do I eat? What am I supposed to give up to lose weight? It’s the million dollar question-How Do I Lose Weight? Look at all the buzz on weight loss, and the million different techniques that are out there. Yet, which one is the right one? My response, how can there be just one? Everyone is different and has different likes. You need to find what fits you best.



5 Easy Exercises to do While Watching TV


These 5 exercises are easy, simple, and don’t take much effort to do. They focus on your abs and glutes and require no weights. You can do these 5 Easy Exercises during one of your favorite shows, or while your kids watch their favorite show.


 Making Exercise Work For You




Healthy Lifestyle


Healthy Lifestyle is where Fit 4 All likes to capture all the funness in life that allows us to feel free and joyous meanwhile making conscientious decisions that keep us going down our path of health, balance, and overall wellness. Read other blogs to see how you can remain in a place of balance that keeps you living a fulfilled life.