Crosssing Bridges

We have all heard the saying, “Becareful for the bridges you burn.” or like repeated in the song, Then What,  “Whatcha gonna do when you can’t turn back to the bridges you burn, then what, oooooo, then what!?” It really is a good saying, to teach people to be careful for what they say and do to people and the way we leave jobs etc. We always want to keep as many doors and friendships open as we can. But I think this has a way of limiting as well.

Isn’t it funny though, how often we use them as a metaphor? I think a bridge is a great one to use for the beginning of the year, for aren’t we all starting a new journey to get to the other side of who we aspire to be. My favorite metaphor is the bridge illustration they use to explain how Jesus is our way to have everlasting life with God.

I love the latter of course as my oldest has recently accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and is going to make an outward profession of his faith through baptism this month!!! Guys I have been waiting for this moment for so long for the little dude. Im excited to be able to be a part of his spiritual walk. To help them all kind of understand the meaning of the bridge illustration the children and I act out a skit of our lives as we are walking through cross walks and discuss the dangers (the cars) of not accepting Jesus, and then we finally accept Jesus and make it across to the other side safely, to live an everlasting life with God.

We love to look at pictures of bridges and think about what the other side looks like, what the end destination will be. I think that we don’t always have to look to the other side of the bridge as the destination we need to be at. Instead we need to look at the bridge itself and all the parts to truly understand how to make a strong and steady bridge. A bridge that is functional and can serve it’s purpose; one that we can actually cross. So what’s the metaphor? We are the bridge, with all it’s different parts that we need to correctly build so we can live that overall well balanced life.

The bridge has the support, the span, and the foundation. It takes all three in order to build a bridge, and they must be properly built to have a strong one. We obv need strong support, this is the part that props up the bridge, these are our friends, our family, our community. These are the people we run to when we need help, and people you al know we can’t go very far when we try to do things alone. We enlisted a group of people to be our friends for a reason, so utilize them, they are our support. The foundation as discussed before is Jesus our Lord. He’s our structure that transfers the weight of the structure (bridge) into the ground.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

The foundation plays a crucial part as well. What about that span? Do you think it is important? You have your support and foundation the span is just the walk across it’s the easy part. Right? I feel like this tends to get overlooked. The span is indeed the distance between the two structures, however the span is a significant factor in finding out the strength and size needed of the appropriate beam as it determines the maximum bending moment and deflection. Do you see what I’m getting at? We have to know who we are and who we want to be but while we are “walking the span” in our journey we need to evaluate ourselves; do we have the support we need when times are hard, do we have the mental capacity and emotional wellness to overcome heavy ‘loads’ in our life? Do we know what our breaking point is? How much of something can you handle and not handle in order to keep you in your zone or happy state? Is your body, a machine, getting all the nutrition it needs to be able to function properly and do its job? Let’s take it back a little bit, the it’s a significant factor in finding out the strength needed….isn’t it funny how they say “It is within yourself that you will find the strength you need.”

People, I want you to search within each of your very own spans, test your foundation, try, fail, put on a whole bunch of weight, and see what your true strength is. I hope that you push yourself in a way that you can’t help but run into your inner strength. See your true potential and believe in yourself. for those who have experienced the hardships and walk around carrying your heavy loads, look at how strong your bridge is! Look at how strong you are!!!

God is faithful and will not let you be tested beyond your strength – 1 Corinthians 10:13

God knew you can carry it bc he believes in you, so believe in yourself too! Now let’s go and build bridges with purpose for our lives, and where it’s possible, direct your efforts into strengthening all ‘parts’ of your bridge and most importantly-> crossing the bridges in our life that we fear the most. I hope to see you on the other side✌🏻 if you’re brave, comment below what may be a bridge in your life, are you at the beginning, are you focusing on the structure right now, or the foundation? Or are you rocking out already enjoying the walk across? 👍🏻

Remembering a Death of a Loved One | Healthy Families

Count Down to Atticus’ Due Date.

Miscarriage is something I never knew I would talk about so much. I never thought I would be in this category. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Although there are the foreseeken inevitable moments that bring you down to your knees but we have also had some amazing moments that we relish in. We have found beauty in this chapter because it has brought us all so much closer and has strengthened our marriage. We’ve learned that Gods plan is strong for us, and that we need him.

We’ve learned to rely on one another. Believe it or not, but that we can also lean on our own children. They truly are blessings from God. Their innocence is beautiful and has a way of catching you off guard in all the right moments that just melt your heart. My sweet Ali-girl (Aliyna) has spoken of her baby brother every day. Not one day does she leave him out. She prays about him, plays with him, and has even gotten him his own cup, or plate from time to time.

She speaks of her baby brother like she knows him deeper than any of us, even me, she carries him with her and it’s quite beautiful. They say it’s the way to keep our families alive, is to keep them present here with us. It was difficult though, to get used to her speak of him so freely. It used to break us down, Josh and I would talk about how we barely could handle it. We didn’t want to tell her to stop and just assumed it would eventually go away, it hasn’t. Five months later, it hasn’t. So we’ve accepted it, and now find peace and joy in it. One day she was rocking him (a stuffed animal) in a carrier, I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I saw a glimpse of what my life would have been like. All three kiddos got around and kissed on him, sang to him, and covered him with blankets to keep him warm. It was cute to see Addie play along, bc I always wondered what she would do with a baby in the house, I thought she would be an angry type, but she chose to share her bouncy chair, didn’t throw a fit, and played along. Now if u know her and her bouncy chair , this was an incredible move on her part. I cried, wiped the tears from my cheeks and even played along, I think every mom should play along if they’re presented with this moment, it was healing in its own magical way. I thought every moment with him was robbed from us, that I’d never be able to delight in moments like these. Although they’re just pretend, they mean so much because I came to the realization that we can all still share intimate moments like these even though he’s not here. Not everything is gone or unattainable like I thought it would be. Yes, he’s not there, but the moments with the other kids aren’t entirely lost forever.

So to say the least we’ve learned to roll with this phase. We’ve set the table with food just for Atticus, placed bottles on the high chair for him. These little things that Ali-girl just randomly does to include him have become memories that I won’t forget. It’s also a sweet reminder to send my boy some love. That he’s with us, and will always be apart of our family.

So as we approached the due date I was nervous. I mean it’s all been such a process. First month- fighting against depression. becoming emotional stable again. 2nd month – Finding myself again, getting back to my core, finding my mission, spirituality awakening. 3rd month- spent focusing on Meditation, becoming mentally stable again. Fourth month I was trying to find passion again. I was deliberately taking steps that I believe to be necessary to stay healthy but every month anniversary it would seem like I would just get broken all over again.

I didn’t know how I’d be on this day, if I’d handle it so well or if I should even bring it up with kiddos. I knew I had to because they’re apart of everything. I felt like we needed to celebrate him in one way or another. After all, I celebrated Valek’s first birthday with friends and family, it was a great way to remember him, and I had to do the same to remember our sweet Atticus. I came up with the idea to have a chalk party to remember him by. I had purchased these chalk bombs for maternity pics for when my belly got bigger. I couldn’t wait to use them. So when he passed away we thought about using them at his funeral but then I decided to go with the balloon technique so the kiddos could write special comments to their baby brother to send to heaven instead. I’m glad I didn’t use them then, because I didn’t realize how much healing I would feel from this.

Letting go of Balloons to send to Heaven

Now before I share all the awesome pics, I wanted to say, it was hard getting the bags out of the closet, getting all the supplies together, and setting everything up, getting the initial pics before sent me into tears. I could hardly swallow. It was one of those moments were you want to stop doing what you’re doing if it hurts that bad, but yet, I knew better- it was a moment that I had to go through. It was one of those moments I wore the tears proudly because I wanted them there, I wanted to feel the warmth of them, because they reminded me of why I was there to begin with. This was my something to recognize the day that I would have held him. Kissed him, brought him home.

I started thinking about what that would have looked like, and I thought well there would have been a thousand pics for sure, so I decided to take pics with a bear that we received in the hospital. After I delivered Atticus the nurses put him in a crocheted pouch blanket so we could hold him in. All of this little baby could fit in there with just a little glimpse of his face showing. It was a way to cuddle him and love on him before we could never hold him again. At first josh didn’t want to hold him. When my water broke and they told us what would happen he said he thought it be best to not hold him. But once he was here with us. We both wanted to. Had to! It was a must! It was also something we’ve been so happy that we did because there’s no going back. If we opted out and then buried him without ever holding him, giving our son kisses, or laying with him, it wouldn’t have been something we wouldn’t be able to live with. The blanket was a nice touch, and we were so thankful the hospital assisted us with this all.

Then the nurse came in and gave us this box with all kind of things in. It was a box from an org called Luke Lives On. One of them is a swatch that matches the crocheted blanket that Atticus was in. So we could always have a piece with us. The ‘Attucus’ bear, paperwork explaining the org was created by parents just like us, a willow tree angel statue, prayers, and a book. All of it touched us so deeply that we couldn’t help but be thankful that these people went above and beyond to help others like them during this hard time. My favorite however and most meaningful gift, was a bracelet. A leather bracelet that had a verse on it, can u guess which one?

It had the exact verse that I have spoken of sooo many times. The verse that was read at my first sons funeral by two different people, the verse we have hanging in our house, the verse I have in the tag line on this site! It was a moment that God was there with us. I put it on and have never taken it off. However, I take it off when I shower and there’s always one person to help me put it back on, my son. No one else can do it but him. He’s said that. It’s something he likes to do for me, he said mommy I’ll always be here to put this on for you, I know it’s important to you, so it’s important to me. Are u crying yet!! These kids I tell you they just get to you don’t they!!!

He’s exactly right though, it’s a bracelet that I’ve found identity in, for so many reasons that I can’t even go into detail just yet. I’ve tried making a video and speaking about it but I guess I’m just not there yet. My main point though, I’ve kept it near because I feel like it’s God’s way of letting me know his hands are still on me.

Little did we know that that bracelet would connect us in so many more ways to Gods plan for us, let alone, for me. – Ashly Williams

We received a call about a month later from the Drs after they did an autopsy on our son. What they found has sent us to a whole other level of wow-ness. The doctors said that Atticus shared the same genetic disorder that his older brother in heaven had. G a s t r o s c h e s i s. Not only did he have that, but his liver, and his gall bladder were on the outside of his belly as well. Now, when I talked to my OBGYN once these results came in, she explained to me how rare this was. For a mom to have one child with Gastroschesis is rare enough, but to have the same mom give birth to two kids with it, ASTRONOMICALLY RARE. She sent my results to two Drs she knew and they all said the same thing. We have no idea what this means for the me, for our family, but we do know that I have to go see a geneticist to find out. This appt has been set. Can you imagine being told that you are an astronomically rare case and to hear these words come from several Drs.

I was confused at first, I don’t understand quite yet how that can happen to me. Especially after I’ve had three healthy kids. I didn’t understand why with my first and last boys. I’m still at a loss. One thing was made clear for me though, that this community that I moved away from before I was all of a sudden thrown back into. I was reliving Valek’s death, along with Atticus’s death. It somehow connected us all together. I was living in this loop that kept coming back to the beginning. The beginning were I found God. When I was pregnant with Valek I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. After he came home from the hospital I was baptized at Zilker park with him there with me, with my church HCBC along with my friends and family. I heard God speaking so loud to me, that this is where I’m supposed to be again. My faith needed to remain that strong, needed to be moved, and willing to do his good works again. I’ve rejoined with Hand 2 Hold an org that helps parents adjust during their time in the NICU.  I’ve come to contact with someone who works, builds, and campaigns for Agape- a pregnancy resource center,  where I accepted Jesus Christ. Discussed how crazy it was that we ran into one another at Re|Engage, a place we never would have been at if we didn’t have a miscarriage, and discussed volunteering there. I’ve rejoined Gastroschesis groups and feel like that voice that I had before is burning brighter and deeper.

We don’t have a lot of the answers, some we will get from the specialist, and some we won’t but I know one thing is for sure. That during this time in my life, I have never felt so close to God. I’ve wondered what would have happened to my son if my water never broke, if I carried him for another 15 weeks before they did another ultrasound to find out then what he had…I can’t even imagine the weight it would have put on our family, on Josh, on our kids. It’s so hard to try and imagine, there’s so many what ifs that it doesn’t play out just one way in my brain. I’ve thought about this loop He keeps putting me on, and how everything keeps pointing to one thing, HIM. He works in mysterious ways, His plans for us are so magnificent that we can’t even fathom. Through all this I’ve found a purpose again, and the will to pursue it. I don’t need the answers, I just need him.

I am < God therefore_sign.png I NEED Him

So, this brings us back to the Chalk party, crazy how the chalk I purchased for the gender reveal are the same colors as Miscarriage Awareness. The kids loved it, Aliyna ate some and her teeth and tongue were blue for over four hours no matter what she ate, or drank. LOL, and the coolest part, once again, my bracelet. Look how it turned out. I’m never washing it out!!! It’s just how it was meant to be all along.

Moms Boho Bracelets covered in blue chalk after mom commemorates her son.

I know it’s crazy to think a miscarriage has meaning, or that it’s all a part of a “plan” but I have to believe that all of this realigns together just so perfectly that I can’t help but know that all of it, all of this, is in Gods hands. If you have experienced a miscarriage, I send hugs to you, and am so sorry for your pain. I just say to you now, try and rejoice in the moments that bring you closer to your baby, remember them, and celebrate them. The healing from it alone is worth it. Plus you never know you might get an angelic visitor like we did during our chalk party. Call it what you want, but we think someone came to play with his family.

Do you see the glowing angel?



Motherhood is the Best Hood

Defining Motherhood

M O M • M o t h e r • M o m m y – A person who gives birth, or cares and protects another being as if you gave birth to them. Mom is such a strong word to us mothers but when you look it up the word sounds so basic. It means to give birth OR anyone who can love and care for others in a motherly way.

As I continue to celebrate this amazing weekend full of love and gift showering, and lots of sweets, I was slapped in the face with this Webster reality. I was angry when I read it. That was it. That’s how motherhood is defined? Then I realized that’s not motherhood, that’s simply how the word mom is defined. So what’s motherhood?

Now before, I go on let me explain where My aha moment came from. Here I was yesterday, mad, feeling selfish and proud thinking my husband didn’t praise me enough as a mother during this special weekend. After all it’s one weekend a year, and I deserved it. Especially after everything I do. Then, an amazing gift was received from my husband. I felt so bad the rest of the evening for being bratty and acting the way I did all day long. I had literally secluded myself from my family because I was feeling the way I did and just pretty much pouted as I laid down in bed. I told him at first i just wanted rest because that’s what I wanted to do since it was my weekend. That was really just the self justification I told myself so I could get away with my stand-offish mood. I wasn’t fooling anyone though, not myself, not him and def not God. I felt so bad about my feelings after I opened my gift that I had to spill everything out and share my pride with my husband. As amazing as he is he shrugged it off and simply said, “Well, it is your weekend, and I didn’t even notice what you’re talking about.” Wink wink.

Then, I woke up this morning to a studio that was put together, my gift in a large box, was a photo studio with 18 backdrops, two light boxes, umbrellas, and light diffusers. I mean I’ve always wanted all this stuff but never thought I’d own it all. And in one day, it was here and up. I had no idea he was getting this for me and it means the world to me, considering I obviously love taking pictures. I mean with cute kids like mine how can you not. He put a lot of thought in this gift and got me something he knew would enhance my mommy and me moments.

As I stared in awe, thinking that I didn’t deserve this gift, that I have messed up so much. Lost control so many times, that there’s been days I treat everyone in the house with the bare minimum amount of love I have to give just to get us through the day. I was reminded of Gods love, how undeserving we are yet he loves us anyway. Like my husband does I and me him. My love for my children is the same way. They can do wrong. Never. I will always love them.

But that’s coming from a mom who has not gone through teenage years with them yet. I’m human and I’m aware that there will be those feelings of disappointment, anger, and plain fed upness with them. So, then is my motherhood still valid by that unconditional love that I speak of. For in tough times and hard moments that unconditional love could be and will be tested. So, now I ask, is it really that simple, to say a person can be a mom because they gave birth and have that instant feeling of conditional Ooops sorry I mean unconditional love.

This doesn’t sound right to me. I’m human and yes I love my children unconditionally, but there will be moments of weakness. I’m not perfect. So I sit here and ask again, What then defines me as a mother?

I’ve thought very long and hard about this. My motherhood isn’t defined by my husband- he thinks I’m the best mommy ever. It isn’t even defined by my own opinions of how good or how bad I think I’ve messed up. It isn’t defined by Webster either, and it sure in hell isn’t defined by how other mothers see me. I’ve realized one thing defines motherhood for me. One thing that makes a person into a “mother”- and that’s the effort put into leading a child to be people capable of navigating the inevitable bumps of living in this world.

Not raising a child. Grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles can raise your child for you. Just simply “raising” your child is half the battle. Yes. You work hard to feed them and clothe them and to put a roof over their head. Yes, your child never goes without. Well done! I mean it, because in this world that’s hard to do. What I’m saying though is if life is hard for you, then use it. Use it to lead them with grace and a strength that only you can show them. It will prepare them in their life ahead. We try to shelter our kids from pain and hardships because we care, but they need to learn how to manage through those times too and preferably before they ever leave your house.

I was fed, I was clothed, and for almost all of my life, I had a roof over my head. My mother did her best at that. Then I moved to my dads at 15 to be away from my mom. My step mother and father then did their best at raising me and I have them to thank for trying to lead me towards God. I left home two days after graduation and moved into a city with no knowledge on really how to live a life beyond everyday needs and wants. I didn’t know how to balance life, deal with stress, or how to remain strong in hard times. I did however know how to work hard.

In the last 13 years since I’ve graduated, I’ve had so many woman come into my life and give me love and care as a mother would. I’m beyond grateful, even if it was only in a moment, and not a lifetime. I’ve been beyond privileged to have woman pour into me in a way that saved me from myself, from temptation and from harm. I’ve had woman accept me, challenge me, and lead me. I don’t know where or who I would be without them. Yet, I have never called these woman mom but they did commit to influence and lead me in some way or another. Which brings me back to my aha moment.

As I threw my fit thinking I needed praise, because I am a MOM, because I have the title, that I deserve praise, but let’s just face it, we all just want the praise. ‘Motherhood’ is hard, dirty, slimy, and tests us, but we aren’t promised the praise nor do we really deserve it. We all love the praise of course, in the good times we love motherhood and we try to make it through the hard ones, so this one day a year is a nice reminder for everyone in our family to praise us for our efforts. We deserve it! Ya!!!!

In no shape or form am I trying to discount our motherly efforts we all put in day in and day out. I just think though that I’m hit with the reality of pride that I have gained from that word as a title. I carry this entitlement that is not justified.

It may have to do with the fact that at 21 I was a mother for 8 months and then it all was gone. Ripped from my hands. So when I was 23 and my second son came I was relieved that I could be “called” that again. I earned it back. However, that doesn’t justify or give meaning to motherhood. Giving birth to two more beautiful babies afterwards doesn’t somehow give me extra brownie points over other moms either. Spending 7!years covered in puke, poo, and drool doesn’t define motherhood either. All these moments add value to motherhood but does not define it. Before today motherhood to me meant swimming in the poo with a smile. It meant giving my best in this chaotic day to day life we are living meanwhile providing for my children.

Today however I’m hit with a different view. Swimming in poo only lasts for a few years. The stay at home mom eventually is left alone? At some point we will all be empty nesters. So then what? Again, what defines you as a mother? Me as a mother?

Disclaimer—Some, well many, may disagree with me. You may not like what I’m saying. But the harsh reality in my world, is that my mother is not part of who I became. She did not build me up, she did not give me tools, and she did not lead me. Ever. Now don’t bash her, because she was and has always been a woman who worked hard for us. At many points in her life she worked two jobs so we could survive. Yet, there is no significant moment where she helped me in managing through this journey we call life. Now does that mean she’s not my mom, no. It can’t take that away. However, now I know she and a whole lot of people will get offended by this, but the harsh reality is, that she was never present in her journey of motherhood. She was present in her own journey of life. Trying to make ends meet was her main focus.

I’m not here to make you angry. I’m not here to make a million friends either, I started this blog as a place to challenge you to be a better you. So as I share my moment of clarity, or to some my misconstrued opinions, I hope in some way I’m able to make you think outside your own walls of understanding that it will compel you to at least try. For in the end that’s all we can do.

Heck I’m trying now, I will have a many days that I fall short, but like Dr. Laura Markham said in Peaceful Parenting, it’s fine, we just have to take ONE ACTION AT A TIME. If you’re like me don’t focus to much on the things we’ve done wrong. Don’t focus on how we’ve messed up or how we have too many days living in choas to even try. Each day is a new day, and I want to always do my best at this journey called Motherhood. “No matter how many times I go 2 steps forward, and one step back, it still gets my family onto a more positive path + closer to a new landscape.” as said by Dr. Markham. That’s. Relief for me. I know we can’t be perfect, I know there will be difficult days so those set backs don’t mean much in the grande scheme of things.

My eye will stay focused on the never ending goal, to always serve them in a way that helps them grow. That’s the mother I’m called to be. The one that never stayed stagnant or didn’t try. I want to lead my children down a path of positivity and through an overall well balanced life. For that’s the best gift a mother can give. That’s a gift many mothers can, should, and need to give.

So as I focus on MY O W N commitment and the priority to help my babies with self – regulation, connection, and respect so they can manage in a world of turmoil, and hardships. I challenge you to raise up motherhood. Make motherhood more! More then a simple, “Whew- we made it through that.” Make your job of motherhood the most important job you have. Because in the end, you’re raising humans, and not just any humans, but our future generation. Please don’t burden them with your anger, hatred, or victimization, for they did nothing wrong. I ask that you as a mother, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself can you be better? Even if you only see a hair thin chance of room to grow in you, do it! Show your children how to manage life. Show them emotional intelligence. Give them the gift of understanding how to live life physically, morally, and mentally aware.

Motherhood isn’t about refereeing their daily actions, that just puts you in a Godly position. Instead, strive to be their coach, their confidant, and their counselor. Lead them.

I don’t know about you other moms, but as I listen to that word tomorrow in all the happy celebrations my perspective will be forever changed. As my kids yell my name in all the joyful, excited, sad, angry, proud and hard times, I will remember what that word means. I will remember my motherly duty to them- to take every moment and use it in a way to help them be better.

Now to you mom- remain strong in the hard days, stay strong in the midst of chaos, through the tiredness, you can do it!! For you were called by God to be a mother to those sweet babies of yours. So repeat it to yourself, write it down, you are strong! You are strong enough!

She is strong- Proverbs 31:12

Law of Pure Potentiality | Healthy Minds | Fitness 4 All

Image by Ashly Williams of our Late Rupert Gossett on one of his last adventures before Cancer took him from us.

Law of Unity

I am revisiting, “>The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by the infamous, Deepak Chopra. I mentioned previously that this book has helped me before, however I have abandoned some  of the techniques. I love the timing that this has come up for me because after all Spring is in the air. I feel as if this time is the season of “regrowth” with a combination of “new growth” to help my mental stability. So, this is actually pretty exciting for me as I am too in this season of “regrowth” with myself personally. I want to readminister these habits back into my schedule so my mental state and stability continue to stay on the positive side. Anytime anyone experiences depression, or a devasting time and event, such as our miscarriage, the mind goes through a chemical reaction. I realized that I was slipping because I became angry faster, agitated, and the moment I realized that I was constantly apologizing to my family for being grumpy, I knew I needed to focus on my mental state again.

I’m focusing on one law at a time for 30 days so I can ensure that they each properly get placed into my life and schedule with the right amount of focus and clarity vs cramming all seven in my brain at once.

  • side note, I feel like anything new that you are trying out should be handled with the same mindset. Take baby steps, don’t try and do it all at once, you’re only setting yourself up for failure and possibly self destruction. Focus on it for 30 days and measure where it is that you stand with the new habit.

The fun thing about revisiting this specific law is that it is Intellectual Growth that connects you with endless opportunities and the chance to connect with the world in a spiritual way. So it’s a two-fer deal. It blends mentality with your spirituality to allow you to become completely one with your core you-ness. To me tactics like these are the most beautiful, because they allow you to learn how to work different facets of yourself as one. I feel like I need to practice this more often which is why I am re reading this book to begin with.

My goal is to rebuild my zen within and make sure that it is connected to God, and nature so I can be re awakened. For I feel like I have been spiritually napping. I am picking up my daily habits of connection with my Father, however I’m not encompassing his beauty around me as much as I used to so I have been dramatically focusing on this other side of his beauty that allows me to open up in a way that refuels my heart, my spirit, and my inner strength. Therefor rebuilding my inner core into yet again this strong, mystic, free being.

Now to put your Chopraness in full effect start by making a commitment by taking these  three steps:

  1. I will get in touch with the field of pure potentiality by taking time each day to be silent, to just BE. I will also sit alone in silent meditation atleast twice a day for approximately 30 minutes in am and 30 minutes in the evening.

Soaking up the views, smells, and sounds of freedom.




When you learn to experience the field of pure silence + pure awareness it leads to infinite correlation, infinite organizing power and you realize everything is inseparably connected to everything else.

– Deepak Chopra






2. I will take time each day to commune with nature and to silently witness the intelligence within every living thing.




I will sit silently and watch a sunset, sunrise etc. For in the ecstasy of my own silence, I will enjoy the life throb of ages. The field of pure potentiality and unbounded creativity.





Stillness– is the first requirement for manifesting your desires because in the stillness lies your connection to the field of pure potentiality that which then orchestrates an infinite amount of details for you.

-Deepak Chopra









3. I will practice non judgement. I will begin each day with the statement “Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.” Throughout the day I will remind myself of this for this creates silence and clarity in my mind.

Again, I feel as if this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for my family and myself. I have been drawn to nature lately and have brought my children down this path of appreciation with me. It’s kind of a coincidence as well that in there at home curriculum right now we’ve been talking about how God talks to us by whispering in our hearts, not in our ears. So we must learn to quiet the world long enough to allow his words to imprint on their hearts. You see, this is another lesson that you can do with the whole family. Take them outside, sit in silence together.

I will reconnect in comments below to describe any hiccups, problems, or breakthroughs for the next thirty days while I go through this process. I hope you can join me and sit in silence just for a moment. If all you can do is five minutes then take a family time out, start there and eventually see if it’s enjoyable enough to lead you to more moments of silence. If this does indeed move you to try and sit outside, in front of a garden, or even in your own backyard, or just a silent room, filled with darkness. Take a photo, put in the comments below or let me know on overallfitness4all’s facebook page. I’d love to see people try to connect to who they are meant to be.

If you are curious to know more about the book or want to further deepen your Chopraness check out his site here.

All pictures courtesy of Ashly Williams

I Did Not Lose My Son, He Died.

Having a Miscarriage at 16 Weeks

Yesterday was one month since our sweet Atticus Jaxon passed. The beginning of the year of course had started out like most, well kind of. I was actually very sick with the flu. Yet, I had scheduled post to publish, pics to share, and ideas a brewing about starting out the year with the right mindset, I had wedding anniversary post scheduled to write about all the little details of our wedding. Especially since the pictures and videos came in finally which I had been waiting for what seemed like forever. Instead life threw a curve ball. A huge one- that sent me down a path I never even could have imagined.

I sort of walked around telling myself I did my dues in this life already, and that I have been down my paths of torment and struggles. I literally thought what else would God need from me. I am no one of that much importance or someone who has made that much of an impact. I didn’t think God would want me to speak about all my grief and sorrows all over again. Especially after having three healthy kids in a row with just a simple glance being made in my direction. Seriously, no effort was needed, yet I know people today who struggle to still have their first baby. I never could imagine that I would become a part of this whole other community.

I have known and witnessed many people who have had miscarriages before and I remember thinking how sad, I can’t even imagine, but I will admit, because I lost my first son at 8 and half months I thought losing a child once they were in your arms and time spent with them was worse. How wrong I was.

At 16 weeks pregnant my water broke and I spent three horrible days of traumatic events that we will never be able to forget. I will spare all those details for they have passed. However what still lingers, is the obvious – dealing with all the emotions, sadness, confusion, fear, and grief. I guess I could just simply say, healing is what is left. There are all the same feelings; anger, pain, feeling that life stole something that was supposed to be yours, pity, shame, doubt, and depression. All the feelings that you feel when your child passes no matter how old they are, are all there.

We didn’t get to know Atticus, we will never know the sounds he would have made, the smile he would give, or the smirk if he was anything like his father. The temper he may or may not have gotten, or if he would have been a genius like both his parents. However we know what it was like to hold him…for one night, for as long as we wanted, before we never could hug, coddle, and kiss on him again. We rocked with him out of habit, knowing it wasn’t doing anything but we just wanted to share some moments with him before he was no longer with us. We stared at him wondering what color his eyes were and were fascinated how he looked so much like his siblings. He was a cutie! Although we never shared “life” with him, we will always ache and mourn over his death. I honestly almost feel as if miscarriages are worse only because you never felt their warm breath, literally every little moment that should have been yall’s to share, has become an unknown moment for you. Our lives will always be wrapped up in the unknown somehow, someway.

People say I’m sorry for your loss, but it’s not a loss. I didn’t lose my baby. He died. In my womb! We didn’t walk away without looking at him never knowing anything, I didn’t wake up with him just miraculously gone. I delivered my still born child and we spent time with an angel. There is no “loss”. What we lost was the time that we could have spent with him. That my friends, will never be able to be recovered from.

I always wonder what my first born, Valek would be up to now if he was still with us, he would be in 3rd or 4th grade hopefully doing what every little boy should be doing. Would he still need wires, or would he have a life without them? Would he have recovered from his traumatic injuries and we all could have witnessed a miracle or would he be a vegetable like they predicted? There will always be unknowns with him, I remember when his fifth birthday came and thinking about how he would be learning to tie his shoes and ride bikes. I know 100% all the same thoughts and unknowns will be there with Atticus as well. However, I knew Valek’s sounds, and sweet smiles, and witnessed his bravery. I knew who he was, and he knew me!!! Miscarriage is so hard because every moment is something you never had with your child.

At Atticus’ burial we met our minister, we talked and prayed before we went out and buried him as a family. In that moment God showed up to do his good works. The minister began to share his story with us; just two months earlier his oldest daughter had a miscarriage at 21 weeks. I thought he simply started out sharing because he wanted us to know we weren’t alone but then he continued to tell us about how he called her that morning and checked up on her to see how she was. Her response, “Dad, I lost my baby, he’s as real as you and I. I need to stop thinking I’m supposed to get over it easier than I would anyone else I knew but the reality of it is, my baby is gone. So now, I have to learn to live with that reality.”

For her and I it was a reality moment, I shared with him about my previous son passing away, and that for the past two and half weeks I’ve had every same thought and pain as I did with Valek’s passing. Nothing was different. It did not matter how long you held your angel, or how long you knew them, the cut still was just as deep as before. In that moment we all found comfort in the midst of pain. That minister stayed with our family all the way until we left the site and even helped us bury our son. God had his hands on all of us that day.

And Our son was buried by our own hands by his own family, that day.


I feel compelled to explain- Joshua has always buried his loved ones and he has taught us all the importance of spending the time to do that. The respect and honor it gives to the deceased is beautiful to me. At first I was taken back by it, but to see the sweat and hard work it takes to cover a grave breaks my heart in a way I never knew it could. Yet, at the same time watching my husband and kids cover our son, was admirable. To see the minister stay, to pray with us in the end, and to remind us of Gods promise, made the worst day ever into quite a beautiful service.

IMG_2630The one constant thing that has hit me after this is the reality that not only am I reminded that nothing is for certain, and I am owed nothing, but all of this brings me down to my knees where I belong, and back to my center. That I am less than God therefore I need him. No matter what, all the time!

Another thing God has shown me, is no ones story means more than others. Shame me for thinking differently. Honestly! Who was I to think so wrongfully. I’m sorry for that, to all I didn’t comfort in those times because I was too prideful thinking your pain didn’t compare to mine. I think people like me, don’t know how to face miscarriages because of the mere fact it was someone you didn’t spend life with. I’m here to tell you, It does not matter! I knew you experienced loss, pain, and sorrow, I just measured my first sons death as if it was more because of his life he lived. Again, it does not matter! I have learned for it’s not the life you live, it’s the impact of your life you’ve lived that matters! I saw Valek bless so many people with his life. One month ago, I experienced a little boy, who never took a breath, change people in the hospital, I saw him impact everyone at the burial service, and I have experienced change because of him, for in his death he already left a legacy behind for the goodness of God!

I can only pray in my death I can accomplish the same as both my boys in heaven did.

Lastly, I may be the only person to say this who’s experienced “baby loss” as they call it. But I highly recommend we stop using that term. I know it cushions the blow, but I feel as if it’s too soft, as if it’s easily to turn away from, to not face it with that term. So as far as I go, please stop saying you’re sorry for me losing my baby, he’s not lost…time was lost….he on the other hand is in heaven.


A Mother’s Blessing, a Man’s Miracle

I don’t talk much about my journey or for the fact of matter, our journey’s. When you experience loss, it’s something you rarely want to discuss. However, Joshua and I didn’t just experience losses, we experienced tragedies.

Seven years ago I lost my first born due to nurse’s not listening to me while my son was recovering from a surgery that was supposed to give him a higher chance of survival. He was severely dehydrated and needed a blood transfusion asap and it sent him into cardiac arrest, for 45 minutes, while I sat there and watched my son fight for his life. That put him on life support for three weeks where we believed he was going to make it and was making plans to go to Pittsburg for more medical support. Only to find out he had extensive brain damage with three huge brain hemorrhages that shifted his brain. With much medical advice and opinions, it was damage that meant my son had low chances of ever having a normal life. Pittsburgh got cancelled because they wouldn’t give a baby in his condition a new liver or kidneys knowing he most likely didn’t have a chance to live a “valuable” life. So I had to make a decision. To push through it all and find out if he would be normal only to watch him slowly die due to his bad liver and kidney, or to pull his support then.

Getting last cuddles in after we took Valek off life support

How did he end up there? He was born with a birth defect called gastroschesis, a term that means your intestines are on the outside of your body when your born. My son at just one week endured three surgeries, a total of 7 major surgeries and several mini procedures, and he passed away at just 8 months. We lived in the NICU the first three and a half months of his life. Not ever knowing what was outside of a hallway, a tree or even what grass was. Not knowing the feeling of fresh air, Sun rays, or what dirt was. My son lived a tough life but you would have never known it because he had a very beautiful spirit and a great smile. Sick kids always seem to have that gift don’t they?!

Valek right before his last surgery. ALL SMILES!

Joshua had a tough upbringing and didn’t see a flash of light until he met his first wife. They spent seven beautiful years together where she showered him with love, compassion, and gave him meaning and purpose to his life. She was tragically ripped away from him one ordinary morning, spent like every other day, when a young girl ran a red light and had a head on collision with his wife just one light away from the where they worked. It killed her on impact. Just imagine you are blindly in love, and you have so much love being poured on you and you’re pouring all of that same kind of love back onto them and then, BAM! You not only stop receiving it, but you also no longer have anyone to shower.

Nothing can, nor nothing will ever take away the pain, anger, or holes we have from our tragedies. People tend to think you can get over things, but you don’t ever get over losses, no one does. You only learn to live with it. You learn to manage, you learn all over again who you are going to be with half of you gone. Time does indeed heal you only because in time you heal yourself. It’s a constant battle, it’s not an easy one, it’s a struggle of your life.

God has a funny way however of making miracles happen, even to the most unfortunate, and undeserving. Our past had sent me to being a single mother at 23, struggling to be on my own, working in nightclubs downtown and him moving to Austin to run away from the pain and drink his sorrows away. We weren’t proud of who we were. How could we be? We were still very angry with the world. I questioned God everyday and for Josh, he had no desire to make it to his forties. The thing that people don’t realize, is when you have significant losses like this, meaningful people taken from you, life and people lose all flavor and all your patience. When I say meaningful, I’m not talking about a mother, a father, or grandparent. Now, let me say, yes those are hard, they ache the heart body and soul. Statistically speaking though, losing your spouse is the highest ranking life changing event that sends you to depression. When you take stress test they ask you questions and then they rank them by points, losing your spouse is the highest amount of points. A child is right below. Losing your parent or a grandparent allows you to keep doing the same daily things in your personal life, losing your wife or a child alters your daily events immediately. You are hit with a harsh reality very fast. Your purpose…no longer exists. You wake up in the morning and go to bed constantly being reminded your alone.

Our lives changed when we met one another. We saw something amazing the first night we met, we talked for hours about our losses and we knew we understood each other. For the first time, we met someone who thought like ourselves. This world around us was meaningless, yet somehow with each other we had meaning. Then we discussed further and found out we had experienced some same things in our upbringing. To top it all off I fell in love with Josh that night because I asked him if he had children, his answer,  was, “Nope, no trophies.”

My heart just skipped a beat.

Did he just call kids trophies, and he never even had one!?!?!

My soulmate had been found! Within four months he met my son, and fell in love with him. He treated him like his little friend from the moment he saw him. Their friendship blossomed into something I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Ayden learned to trust Josh, rely on him, and love him. It was truly beautiful, even if that meant he picked him occasionally over me for rides, cuddles and bedtime stories.

Ayden and Josh on his Second Birthday

In the four years we have been together we have had two more trophies added to our trophy shelf and we currently have one in the making. We got married on 11-11 of this year and enjoyed a happily ever after themed wedding.

We had Mickey and Minnie and gang come from Anamaria’s mascots for a visit  on our special day! It was amazing for all guests and was so special for our little trophies

It seems like the perfect ending to a horrible story, well two horrible stories, but honestly it took work. It took both of us a many of days of reminding ourselves to count our blessings, to remind us that we aren’t just lucky, but that what we have are little lessons living around us everyday. The main lesson I think we both can agree on, is that it’s natural to want to shut everything and everyone out after you lose your world. We both pushed God away at times, and both had moments of giving up. It sounds cliche but you really never know what God has in store for you when you finally push through and finally fight through the darkness. For me, I honestly felt like I had God pulling me out of the darkness. My image I have always had is me laying face down on the ground and God literally dragging me by my arm, telling me I’m not done with you yet.

When I was at my lowest, I went to go see my pastor, I needed help. This was at a time I got tired of everyone telling me how I should be feeling and what I should be doing. He was different. He looked at me and said I have one question for you, “Are you still hurting?” I laughed sarcastically, how could he ask such a question?! Of course I am! Angrily I answered, “Yes!” His response is one I hold dear to this day, “Then hurt, let it hurt, I know you feel like you’re in mud and you can’t move. Stay stuck in the mud. Feel sad, trudge through all that pain and let it weigh you down. Remember every feeling of it. Just know though, you can’t always stay there. At some point you eventually have to get out of the mud.”

I told Josh that same thing in our second month of dating when he didn’t answer my phone calls for two days. He finally called me and explained it was rough for him. He couldn’t stop thinking of his wife and knew we were growing together fast in our relationship and he didn’t know how to handle it. The response I gave was one he wasn’t expecting, but it was one he needed to hear. It was a moment that we built our friendship upon. Again, our relationship was one that was not always easy, healing is hard! We just want you to know don’t give up!

Don’t ever give up!

Life is hard, it sucks! Royally! You never know though when it’s time to step out of the mud and watch miracles happen in your life. You never know when God is wanting you to step up and speak your story.

“And we know that in all things God works for the Good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

That verse was read coincidently twice at my sons funeral, I knew it meant something then. Five years later I found a sign while Josh and I were house decorating and I knew it was perfect for our home. It’s perfect now for this blog. Good faithful servants, times may suck now, but even in the darkest of stories when you are at the rock bottom, God has not forgotten you, nor forsaken you, he has plans for you. Don’t give up! You never know, you may end up with a story like ours, one we both never expected for ourselves, one full of many, many, many, little blessings…and lots of trophies!

Push on and believe in miracles.- The Williams family

Seek Knowledge

Photo Cred: Lysander Yuen

I absolutely love to read! I can remember always loving it, always wanting a book in my hand at a very early age. They say it’s a girl thing, but I’ve met many people with books from the list below that they have cherished and mentioned have impacted their lives in a beneficial way.

I love old school books. WHAT BOOKS!?!

I know right, why read books, when we have audiobooks, phones, and nooks? I actually love everything about the whole hands on reading process. I love turning the pages, the feel of anticipation to get to the next page. The sound the pages make as you turn them, the smell of a fresh book, and the good old motivational bookmarks. One of my recent bosses actually told me once, that he read this study. This study is one I can’t recall verbatim, but I remember him saying that it had mentioned we are losing the chemical relationship our brains have with books due to cell phones. The brain retains more information as you physically turn pages, and touch the book. Now, it’s as if we are skimming books because reading them on the phone is just a swiping motion and we tend to hurry through the words vs retain them. Just something else to keep in mind as you are reading something you want to remember for a latter date.

Back to my reading habits- I have to write all over my books. I write notes in the margin, I highlight, I underline, I write keywords that remind me of other points from other books to tie things together for me, I even write the main points on the title page of each chapter so I can go back and briefly review. Call me a nerd, or I guess I would qualify as a book worm, but I like to believe that I am constantly growing, and seeking knowledge so I can remain mentally awake. I never want to stop learning.

Right now on my night stand I literally have 6 books, other than my bible, that I have been reading here and there through, for about 6 months. I have read already and we have chose to reread together, Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, a book to help remind us that we are speak different love languages therefore need to be conscious of it so we can properly give one another the love we each desire. Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, obviously the same as before but for children, each child needs love in their own ways. The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd, is a christian motivational book that helps me to try to be better everyday and to remain as calm as possible when raising three kids and things go wrong to still see the positive in things and be that positive role model for them. 31 Prayers for my Future Husband by Jennifer and Aaron Smith, is a devotional for my hubster and he reads the 30 Prayers for my Future Wife, With just 17 days away from our wedding date it’s a great read to keep our minds, hearts, and intentions for one another in the right place, to focus on building that foundation set on God, and nothing else. Lastly, a book Joshua laughs at because he says why do I read it when I have the bible but Believe by Randy Frazee, a book that helps with living out a life in a story that resembles Jesus. All these books are spiritual at the moment, and none are for business or leadership, however it’s what I need to get better in at the moment. The list below however  are books that have impacted me in a way that has stuck throughout my life. So to all my fellow knowledge seekers, book worms, business men/ women, philosophers, all the way to students. I’ve compiled a list of books that I absolutely love that have helped me throughout my  journey, I hope they help you in your mental growth.

Remember sharpen your ax, strive to stay open-minded, it makes things easier. Seek knowledge and see where it takes you. Part of balance is sometimes taking a step back, reanalyzing a situation, belief, or notion, and getting a new perspective so you can come out a better person.

Top 5 List to remain Mentally Awake:

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


I hope you take time to read one of these books on this list. Even if it is an audible, do it, rethink your way, reanalyze the way you do things, see if they are working. If they’re not read up on it, get ideas, add on to your life to help make things better. You have one life to live, so live it well, make it easy, and make it fun.

~Start it, Commit it, Succeed!




So life has become very busy for us this fall. Our son is four now and just started school for the first time since he was 1. We also have a 20-month-old and our newest edition to our family currently being three months old. I am currently a stay at home mom and a full-time business student who is cramming 18 credit hours in one semester so I can graduate this fall. On top of it all, I must have been high on caffeine when I decided to sign up the oldest for T-ball this year.

Ayden celebrating how he “caught” the ball at his first game.

OH, did I mention that I’m also the coach for his team? So every Thursday night and Saturday morning for the past eight weeks, Dad has been on duty watching the girls while I patiently direct four year olds. I have to direct them on where to stand, what to do, and to get the ball. I even have to remind them to ignore the airplanes, the butterflies and the pretty little flowers growing in front of them. It’s a fun experience, yet it has to be said, it is a little trying. I didn’t think about my load being full to the brim already, when I volunteered for this obligation. From keeping up with his cleats, clothes, and gloves early in the morning on a Saturday, while rushing to get his sisters, dressed, fed, and all out the door by 8:30 after waking up just one hour before. It definitely has been a hectic chore to tack on with everything else.

So after six weeks of this new era in our lives, we are hit with colds, fevers, and ear infections. One child had a fever after vaccinations, then oldest woke up in middle of night with fever. A few days later, after both of us having minimal amount of sleep, our 20-month-old is screaming for three and half hours straight because she has an ear infection.

Then two days of peace, our smallest one has a fever again for no apparent reason, and of course, it is during the weekend. So we toughen it out over the weekend and call nurse’s line first thing in the morning. After waiting the average wait time on the phone for 20 minutes, I finally talk to someone all about her symptoms and get the advice, to take our 2-month-old to the ER. She didn’t have a fever anymore, but we are told to take our daughter to endure God knows how many tests to find out she is okay. So we went to DR. office instead to see if we needed to go or not. After taking all the children, packing them up, etc. Her checkup is fine. To parents: always trust your intuition first and foremost.

So we walk outside to go home and I look over on the way to elevator and decide to take kids outside on balcony for a minute. I’m so used to running, and I can’t even tell you how many times I have told my kids let’s go! We are in a hurry, or no I’m sorry there’s no time. Well since, I’ve started this blog, I’ve tried to remind myself to do what I am talking about. To actually do what I used to do before all the kids. That is to stop every once in a while and soak up all the beautiful things that are around us. Today I was tired, I was exhausted because it seems like for two weeks, we haven’t gotten a full night’s rest. I wanted to go home so I could start dinner, give baths, and go to bed. At that moment Dad and I looked at each other and we decided to practice what Dad does on a daily basis, meditation, with the kids.

Breathing with Kids: Fitness4AllBlog
Our Time Out

To sit down, close our eyes, and listen to all the sounds around us. Afterwards we looked around at how beautiful this site was. I was so proud of our littles, because they sat down, closed their eyes, and participated. The oldest told us what he heard as it happened, and if he didn’t hear what I heard he asked where it was. It made my heart happy to see them “turn off” all their wiggles, and open their listening ears to the wind blowing in the trees. We focused on the leaves tumbling along the sidewalk, cars driving occasionally by, and to finding things that aren’t right in front of us. This is a must do from now on:

Number 1: Stop and Relish in the moment.

Number 2: Turn off everything and allow mother earth in.

Now GO and ENJOY your time out.

~Start tomorrow, commit to it, and do it~


Fitness 4 All Blog

Overall Fitness For All 

I want to start out explaining why we start this blog and how we can help you strive to maintain overall balance so you can live a fit life.

As a family of five, we had to learn very fast how to force ourselves to slow down. With so many to-dos and life’s daily adventures it easy to get distracted and to just go along living life from one moment to the next. We all live in a fast paced, half digital/half reality world, flying in a whirlwind of memories that pass you by. We started to feel like life was getting too hectic and wanted to find ways to remain connected with each other.  Not only with one another, but with everything that truly matters to us. In the end, we all live our lives one day at a time. Some are up and some are down, and most days reside somewhere in between, but we trek through them the best way we can, constantly striving for balance. At times I feel like I fail more than succeed. It seems like with each added kid, or added extra curriculm it gets harder and harder for our family to stop and take a moment; a moment to appreciate life, a moment to take a deep breath to gather ourselves, or even a moment to focus on who we are. We did a lot of self-evaluating, planning, and deciding on who we wanted to be. Most importantly, what kind of family we wanted to be.

We are a God-fearing family, who needs and relies on God’s love. So we chose to spread it in any way we can. Even when life was hard I have always just told myself, show love in this situation, find a way, or at least I ask myself if there is a way I can show love here? Not every situation or moment in life is that simple, it’s a struggle, a hard one at that. We would know, we’ve been through our own tough struggles and continue to. It’s just life. So for us, to spread love, is to share.

This blog is us sharing the way we try to find our balance. We are far from perfect, and still have many things to learn about life. We just happened to find that balance when we consistently focus on four areas that we feel are crucial to our overall well-being. To us, well-being, health, and fitness is one in the same, we aren’t trying to change their definitions, we just strive to live and obtain it.  To obtain that level of overall fitness for all is when we can achieve equilibrium in our spiritualityphysicality, mental and emotional stability. We like to look at it as nature does, it’s constantly trying to achieve equilibrium. For example, our sun, as it burns at fusion temperatures, the energy created pushes outward making it want to expand. However, gravity is pushing inward with the force of the sun’s mass thus creating a harmonic state that makes up what we know as our solar systems star. This is the balance we are searching for. This beautiful, hard to comprehend, seems like impossible, or perhaps a miracle, balance.

Now there’s obviously other things in life that help us stay sane and enhance the balance in our lives like friends, hobbies, careers, finances, and our own individual interest. We just feel like the four areas that are the main focus can be used in all facets of our lives. Each category needs the other to be strong, and needs it to enhance it’s own. They all intertwine, and they all collide. For another example, whether you’re at home, working, or even resting, you need emotional balance and your health to be on point so you can be the best you can be for wherever your day takes you. When you have a hard day, you need your mental stability to lead you past the hardships, when you’re stressed, you need emotional and mental stability to help with your sanity for your sake and for your whole family’s health. These four categories are not just for one type of person, or for experience only, its healthy fitness tips for all; old, young, far and wide, semi-fit, overweight, Christians, Non-believers, Agnostic, stay-at-home mothers, stay-at-home fathers, workers, entrepenuers, step parents and grandparents. The list goes on and on.

We want to meet you in your life journey, wherever that may be, and present you with some of our own life experiences, struggles, techniques, goals, and perspectives, as well as tools that we have found helpful along the way; to hopefully help you and/or your family. We hope that in sharing our journey we can help people get through this hustle and bustle thing we all call life – only with a new perspective of what maintaining fitness means. It’s maintaining overall fitness in 4 areas to live a well balanced healthy fit life. Now how bout it, Can we all shout it?

All For Fit – Fit For ALL



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