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Summer is flying by!! I personally can’t believe it’s about to be August which means…my birthday is right around the corner + my youngest birthday right after. Now those are all fun and very exciting but that means we are entering into the dog days of summer.

Which means it’s time to think of places indoor to take your family. I wrote about my top 5 favorite indoor places to take my family last week where I talked about all the ways to beat the heat. After doing so I had to visit my number one on my list because guys, it’s just too hot these days!! The heat index has been at its all time high in Tx, a whopping 13!!! I didn’t even know it could get higher than 10. Obviously this momma is staying in as much as possible so we went back to the Splash Shack for some awesome family fun.

I got so many people asking me questions about this place so I wanted to share with you all the newest additions that the Splash Shack has made that have made this family friendly trip that much more worth it!! Keep in mind though that they are closing soon for one day just to do some more improvements!!! This place is seriously non- stop growing and improving.

First off right off the back I noticed my favorite change was the wrist bands. I have never been anywhere where they use RFID paper bands just to keep track of your family. I’ve seen stamps that rub off, wrist bands that fall off my youngest, and those invisible number stamps that they check on exit that I loved before because I thought that was the best they could have come up with. These however are great because my son hates stamps and they enter your kids names and ages to make sure it’s your Littles you’re leaving with. As a mommy who is seriously worried about someone taking her kids this made my heart so happy. Although, this place is seriously the last place that needs them because it’s so easy to keep track of your kids here. I’ve never lost sight of my kids and that says a lot for a mom keeping track of three kids who sometimes go their own way.

The next thing I noticed is all the added slides for the 42″ and below. They revamped the “lil splashers” area with two new slides and have added 4 new slides for the 42″ below in the main area so the Littles can join in on the main area and enjoy the big bucket water. That’s is if they enjoy that kind of thing. My youngest is still getting used to the water in her face but the way they changed their main area with mini slides to enjoy over and over again without having to go down the big slides has allowed her to overcome her fear. So this was a huge thing for us!!

I loved how they opened up the splashers area to go right into the big play area as well. Before I had to walk all the way around to go from my youngest to my big kids but now I can just walk straight into the area so super convenient.

I’m loving the new updates but guys, they just did another day of additions on Monday so I can’t wait to get back there and see what’s new!!

Address: 1801 Clover Lane Cedar Park Texas.

Thank you Splash Shack for the free collab!!!

Ashly Williams

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  • Summer is my favorite as well as it is a time for more Fun & happy moments with family . Not sure if this Summer will happen outdoors this year with the pandemic we all are facing but with creativity , I’m sure indoor Summer could be as fun. Stay safe & best of Summers

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