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It’s that time of the year again, the time when it’s just too hot to be outside for hours and hours. Kids need that active play, and parents need that AC…Can there be a compromise?

Here in the A4F4 home if the LOs aren’t getting a chance to blow off steam, they start getting into what I like to call the crazy zone. Oh parents, you know what crazy zone I’m talking about. The one where you find them playing on the ceiling and you’re thinking What?! How?! Why?! You better…!!!

So to avoid WW3 from happening, go out as a family to some fun indoor places that everyone will enjoy. I put together a list of some of my favorite indoor places to go with small children. These family friendly places to visit will bring you all together and keep you out of the heat. I hope you enjoy my Top 5 Indoor Places to visit with your family for some awesome summer fun.

1. Splash Shack

The Splash Shack is so awesome it had to be my number one!! They just built this place in Cedar Park last year and it’s the first indoor splash pad in our area like this!! They have three levels of play for the smallest of splashers, small slides for the younger kiddos and two big slides for the adventurous and brave kids. Parents don’t have to get wet if they don’t want to. They have awesome lounge chairs to sit and watch your kiddos right in front of the main area. They have drinks + snacks (a little pricey) to eat for a quick grab. If you so happen to get wet, which you will, they have a rinsing off station + dressing rooms to change for each individual family instead of having to share a whole locker room area. I really liked this feature as the kids don’t understand getting undressed in front of other people yet. It’s quite confusing for their minds when we are always telling them to protect their bodies lol.

2.Exotic Zoo Resort

The Exotic Zoo Resort is outdoors, however it is a covered ride and the shade was a significant difference than the uncovered temp so I had to include it. I would sweat walking around but during the tour I never got hot until the last 10 mins or so just because we were hanging off the sides feeding the animals more often to get rid of our food. The pic above is at the end and there are no red faces!! However, there is one sad face bc we had no more food to feed the animals, as it was the last stop. {Cutie Pie}

The tour guide was awesome with interesting facts, they have all kinds of animals that are used to getting fed from Zebras, Giselle’s, Caribou, Camels, and seriously the list can go on! My fav were the tiny baby animals, they are seriously the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!

After the tour there’s tables and a small goat feeding area in the shade where you can eat and feed the animals one last time before you leave. Here they also had porcupines to visit, and I never realized just how big those things can get!! Crazy!!

Tip: Go ahead and splurge and get the big bucket, you have plenty of animals to feed.

3. Library Events

I’ve mentioned before how awesome library events are, but they just keep getting better. It’s a great way to stay inside for 2-3 hours of fun! Round Rock Library has been on a roll all summer and have had some pretty fantastic events. they also just added a splash pad in the downtown center across from the library so it’s a great way to wrap up the library trip. The kiddos and I went to their LEGO event and spent 2.5 hours there!! With all the Lego learning modules they had we stayed pretty busy!!

The only reason we left was because we were hungry. With the square being right there we had fun listening to the live music, and enjoyed all the fun booths they had set up around the square. They had tons of kid activities so if you can plan a trip on a Th -Sat and make another evening out of it.

In hopes you find something fun to do: Here’s the surrounding library links to their schedules:

Cedar Park Library

Pflugerville Library

Round Rock Library

4. LEGOLand

Speaking of Legos, why not go to the best place for them! LEGOLand Discovery Center was well worth the drive, the money, and the experience. There were 3 rides, building stations everywhere, amazing Lego museums, 4D Movies that we’re awesome as well {we had animal slime thrown all over us}, Ninjago training areas {the coolest jungle gym}, scavenger hunts, electronic LEGO cop cars to race and catch the bad guys, and a place to eat inside. Do I need to say more?

Another awesome thing about LEGOland is they share their location with SEALife so you can make a whole day out of it and go to both for a discounted price because of the bundled package but keep in mind you would have to rush through LEGOLand then. Because we signed up for 10 clock entrance time and we stayed there until 5. We were fully invested in enjoying every station and everything they had to offer. After all we drove 3.5 hours to go to the Dallas location, but shortly after we learned they have one in San Antonio so we might have to make that short drive there just to enjoy some river walk action with the kiddies.

Tip: Book online; tickets are cheaper than at the door.

5. Urban Air

We are a sucker for some awesome indoor jungle gyms. They’re are amazing!! Jungle gyms have come such a long ways from when I was a kid so I totally kid out when I take my LOs and we can play for hours. I’m not a mom that can just sit and watch, I gotta swing, slide, and jump. There is something for everyone at Urban Air. Trampolines, rock climbing, zip lines, American gladiator fighting, different levels of jungle gym madness.

I really don’t recommend one over the other because getting your kids active is the most important factor but there are some that run their place better than others. So you’re the judge on which ones you want to go to. Let’s just say though, we don’t go to a few after they’ve been open for two years just because they don’t clean their equipment- that’s one perk of getting all up in the jungle gym with your kiddos, you see how the company treats their foam pits, ball pits, etc. So how do you decide on which one to go to? The ones who have some awesome Summer Specials!!

Urban Air happens to have the best summer specials around. They have the endless play options that make it super affordable to go there more often with your kiddos.

Tip: Do all the Rock Climbing wall stuff as soon as you get there, if you wait there’s a long line.

If you have enjoyed some of these fun family places please comment below something to benefit other families. I hope these indoor family-friendly destinations become favorites of yours. Now go! Try some new things with your Littles that keep you out of the heat. Oh and these 5 family friendly summer trips can be enjoyed year round!! Don’t forget to take your Summer Essentials listed here so you can enjoy your summer activities with your family.

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