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The girlies and I had a fun trip exploring all the spots that you can overlook Austin’s skyline. So much fun and quite easy that I wanted to share with you how easy these little trips were with a four yr old and 2 yr old.

I love living in Austin, and if I could I would go exploring all the beautiful attractions and hideaway spots more often than I do now. There’s so many cool lil outdoorsy spots that make our kids feel like they just climbed Mount Everest. These outdoor fun and easy trips give kids confidence and shows them to overcome their own doubts. I love exploring in this way because there are so many benefits for our bodies, mind and soul. There’s nothing like watching your young LOs walk away from a trip yelling, “We are the strongest girls ever!! Nothing can stop us!!!” I’m so happy my girls asked to have a day of outdoor exploring with some rock climbing because now we have a new found confidence in the air.

I know as a mom we try to find active and busy trips that make it worth our time. This trip is fast, free, but depending on where you live it can be a long drive. Let’s not forget the obvious either, traffic is not fun so make sure you’re driving anytime before 4:30 pm. However, this trip was well worth it because not only was it fast and free but it gave us girls quality time. That is what girls crave the most right, is your time and attention? My girls thrive on quality time and closeness. Especially my oldest and if she’s in a good mood then the youngest girlie is following along with the ride.

On the drive there the girls were screaming “Mommy, there’s a rock we can climb!” It was making me die laughing. All the way down 360 it’s the beautiful rocky mountain sides with the occasional open views of Westlake. Now, I know girls are a little more extra than boys so these reactions are only for girls but every time we saw the Austin Skyline my oldest would put her hands over her mouth and scream, “It’s so beautiful!!!”

So I couldn’t wait to see what she did once we got to the top. She had no idea what was in store for her! Below are the directions to 360 Overlook, but once you get there you will see signs that say No parking on Row, just park anyways. My advice though, if you can turn around and park car ready to leave outwards it will benefit you on the exit with all the traffic going by. Find the little path by the No Parking sign and head up. It’s a minute walk up and for adults and teens pretty easy to step up the rock steps and be up in no time. There are two paths, one on the right is a little easy not that much climbing but the rocks are slipperier at times because they’re just flat rocks.

We preferred the rockier side because like I said we were looking for adventure! The girls love rock climbing and to them, big step rocks that they have to work at it to get over, IS rock climbing!! {perspective} I don’t tell them any different either because I watch them have to pick themselves up on the rocks and make it up everyone so in my eyes they are literally climbing rocks over and over again.

Of course it wouldn’t be austin without the fun art and motivational stickers along the way up. Again girls are so different than boys, but there was a cute spot with nothing but hearts that just melted the girls !

Once you get to the top there’s two vantage points to view and a little path on the right that will take you to find more smaller vantage points to view all the beauty. We just stayed on the main part because we had it all to ourselves and we weren’t going to lose that opportunity.

The infamous tree is now painted this fun blue color that I do love but it’s a little crazy now to look back at old pictures around town and see the tree normal now.

Directions: 5100 N Capital of Tx Hwy, Austin Tx.

Check out Austin to the left!!!!

I also stopped along the way at some observation points along the way to get the girls even more excited and to split up the drive a little bit.

Her looking at Austin with awestruck.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you go check out this easy and fun trip to do with your family. I hope it builds all the confidence + bravery + strength in your family like it did for my girls. Get outdoors and get moving!!

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