5 Things Every Mom Needs to Survive Summer

5 Favs to Survive Summer


Spring has come and gone, and summer is flying on by. Here we are in the middle of June. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone’s pictures of what they are doing for their family vacations and how they are enjoying their everyday beat the heat needs. I can’t help but think about all the things that has helped me get through this summer and prior summers before. Especially since it’s been the summer of non- stop off and on rain, making it the summer of huge mosquitoes, and we are entering into the blazing hot days as July approaches.  I wanted to share with you fellow teammates, some easy things that we have utilized no matter what or where we’ve gone to help out with our summer needs.

1. Trackr necklacesIf you plan on going anywhere during the summer this is a dire need!! I”m telling you, if you’re a parent, it’s a lifesaver, literally!!! I’m a mom who is constantly worrying about someone stealing my children when we are out in big crowds. I’ve watched all the shows on TV about what happened to …. little kids who have been abducted from their homes at night so I have that detective mode, mommy beat instincts engrained in me and they are very strong. It’s sad to say, but so many kids are missing, it’s usually from them being picked up on their way home from school as they are walking or riding their bikes but yes, there is still a percentage of kids that get taken from their parents at the park, from their own backyard while they were playing outside, and or from huge events, or amusement areas. As parents we have to stay on guard, no matter how much we trust our children, we have to remember it’s other people we don’t. We can’t assume people’s intentions, but we must most definitely always be on edge, and ready for anything. For me, I’m constantly worried because our kids are always so friendly. We teach them to be kind + all our kids are so freaking cute and catch attention from strangers no matter what. Even when they aren’t even trying to talk to other people. Everywhere we go people come up to the kids and some even touch the girls faces because they are so stinking cute. As moms, well I can’t say just moms because my husband freaks out way more than I do, so I’ll stick to as parents, we always are standing on the line of friendliness, and outright crazy. Like Okay, awe they are being sweet to the kids, then it quickly goes to OH HELL NO…. DID THEY JUST!!!! People are crazy how comfortable they are with touching on other people’s kids. Momma bear instincts are crazy, and in moments like this it make it hard to just be kind and not worry. That’s why, we bought Trackr Necklaces for the kids. We have used them when we go flying, when we play at the park, when we go to events, and especially when we have gone to places with inflatables and they all are playing on different parts, making it a challenge to see them all.

They have so many cool features that resemble the same features as the Tile, an apple product that allows you to track your keys, kids teddies, etc. The only thing that is different is the Device Separation Alerts. Unlike tile, you don’t have to go to the app to ring the tile, with these, you set the distance range and anytime the device gets further than that, it automatically rings. So when our children are wearing them and get past that distance it makes the alert noise alerting us, as well as them that they need to get closer. At the same time, it sends us an instant notification on our phones which child has ventured out past the intended zone. We were so happy in the airport because we set it to like 5 feet, as you can imagine with three kids, three suitcases, and three kids backpacks, it’s a little chaotic. While we were in the boarding line, and at one point Our youngest, at the time was 2, and wanted to keep running around like we were doing before we had to board. As soon as she tried to walk away from us, it rang, she instantly came back because she knew what that meant. Not only does it save us in the worst and scariest moments, but it helps us keep our kids all rangled up. With the Phone Separation Alerts-you can also use it to ring your phone from the necklace, just like Tile, which is cool incase you leave your phone somewhere or worst case scenario someone takes it. Unlike Tile though, it gives clear directions where it is. It also has the crowd locate user that’s similar to the Tile Community,  it makes it very easy to piggyback and find your Trackr from other people who are in range.

2. BUG Bands. 

These are a dire need in Texas. We have faced monster mosquitoes this summer, I mean no joke some of the mosquitos we have seen could have picked up my youngest and carried her away. I have used so many sprays, which always leave a nasty taste in your mouth because no matter what, I touch something or go to eat, and it’s left on my hands. My kids are standing there in the residual spray breathing it in, closing their eyes and yelling hurry mom. We did find one this year that we liked and has helped way more than any I’ve tried, it’s called Natural Repel but I have to admit once I’ve used it, I feel like I smell the scent in so many things I use. It’s so weird lol. I only spray it outside wherever we are. Anyhow, when we go shooting out at our friends prop which is right by a mini lake, its a haven for mosquitos. My oldest and youngest suffer from being overly active to their stings, they get the big red swollen whelps that just break your heart when you see them. Lets not forget that these little nuances are the most deadliest animal in the world!!!!!. They Kill over 1 M I L L I O N people a year!!!! THESE ARE ALL TRUE FACTS!!! With children and pregnant woman being prime targets. So keep your babies safe with these easy to use bracelets that are deet free! We put them on the kids ankles though just to make sure that they stayed on them, and that they didn’t touch them and mess with them.

3. MistyMateWe’ve used so many different sprayers. During soccer season we grabbed the water drinks from Walgreens that had the sprayer on top. I was so excited to have them, but there’s literally no way to clean the lids. It was so nasty after two practices. I’ve tried the stroller fans, and misters and even got the bigger battery operated sprayer from Target. it was great for awhile. I use to put ice in it so we always stayed cool but it goes way faster than you can imagine. With the MistyMate, you  hand pump to create the pressure that makes the water spray continuously. I never had to put ice in it, and the water always cooled us down. I’ve never ran out of water, and it the overspray has a width span that covers all of us, and doesn’t bring tears. Addie, our youngest, doesn’t like her face sprayed with any water, but this soft mist spray she enjoys and even laughs.

4. A Good Water Jug.  Double Walled Insulated Stainless Jug will be great to get you through the days. We all know how great yetis are so any jugs that do the same will suffice. I have a 40 OZ and I can take it on any of my 5 free summer adventures and in the blazing heat and my ice never melts. If I know I’m going to be somewhere long, so anything longer than an hour and a half I also take my mini water jug and feel that up with ice water, and transfer it from there to either my glassed Sand Cloud Water Bottle  or to a DWISJ and seriously it’s the best way to do it, because my water stays nice and chilly. Our hands are always cold after we drink from the glass bottle, it’s great on our lake days. The jug has worked when we are out at our friends property spending all day there doing one or all of the following: shooting, picking fruit, petting donkeys, fishing, or even climbing sand mountains.

5. Educational Events/ Trips. I know most of the time people plan one awesome trip for the whole family, and try and take mini trips during the weekends or go on little adventures during the weekend after everyone gets off. The last thing that most parent’s want to deal with during the summer is added work, but we are our children’s providers so lets keep their little minds stay active with great curriculum and activities that always keep them learning and growing.

If you’re trying to beat the heat Austin Aquarium was a fun trip for our kids. It worked out great because I coordinated the trip  during our two weeks of ocean curriculum so it added hands on learning experience. Even if you’re not using the trip as an addition to curriculum going to the aquarium is fun no matter what. We went with my Dad and Sister who is twelve and we all enjoyed it with many laughs and big smiles. We had to do everything, feed the birds, feed the fish, feed the octopus, touch the iguanas, the stingrays, and even fed some baby sharks. Check out the site, for more info and look into how they host awesome events for homeschooled children, and offer summer camps as well.

Kiwi Co is another great way to stay indoors but keep their brains stimulated. We recently joined with them and have enjoyed every project and activity that we complete. its conveniently mailed to you, ready with all the supplies needed, for 3+ activities (depending on which crate you order). Read my blog about Kiwi Co to learn more if you’re interested but let me tell you, I have not been upset with anything I’ve gotten, the activities have all been age appropriate, fun, and have made the kids so excited, proud, and engaged.

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