Trust and Will

Cheers to #adulting hard today!! Guys…I finally took the time to make my will and although I have all kinds of overwhelming thoughts about it bc I hate to think about something happening to me, or to us, and leaving these kiddos behind but making a Will is something that has to be done as a parent. After my husband lost his wife in a car accident + having my son pass away we know all too well how fast anything can happen. So unfortunately as a parent we have to put our big panties on and think of the worst outcome possible and be prepared for it!

Good thing with Trust and Will They made it:

– Simple and fast. — The simplest way to set up a Will.

– Way easier than I thought it would be.

– The customer support was amazing and were super helpful. – It only took 10 min and I finally have a Will!

– My kids finally have guardians set up!

– I’ve been putting it off for a while and Trust & Will made this so easy for us! It is amazing and has straight forward questions that make u go through them all super fast.

If you’re a parent please go make your will now and set up something for those sweet babies, just in case!

Did I mention that as my followers you will receive $10 off your will with the code: ADULTING!! It starts at $69 and for a couple will it’s $129. Which is not bad at all to have a signed + notarized official will that you can download and print from home. Click on link to go start yours now!!!

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