Happy New Year

Can you believe it’s a new year?! It’s so crazy!! I’m so lucky to have been able to end my year with my family I love so, with awesome friends, and to surrounded by nothing but happiness.

Saying Goodbye to my 20s

I know it’s a new year and most people will be talking of all the things they hope for in the new year. Believe me I have plenty hopes and goals for the year, but for me I feel like I’m saying goodbye to my 20s for the first time. Finally… I have been 30 for 4 mo now!! To me that’s just crazy!!! Lol time flies by sooooo fast!!! Speaking of time it means we have a whole new year, with endless possibilities, new goals, powerful mindsets and plans of actions are being set in motion.

With all these awesome things happening I decided to take a look back first. Upon doing so I realized once the new year starts I will permanently be stepping out of my 20s. Although I’ve been 30 for 4 mo I’ve spent most of my year in my 29s. This makes me a little sad, I guess the reality of the situation has finally set in. Womp womp womp. Lol

If you know me I don’t like to look at things negatively so, I’m going to say goodbye to my 20s the best way I can, and that’s leaving the negative and bringing all the awesomeness to the new year with me. So that means some goodbyes have to be made.

My final Goodbyes:

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who knew it all.

* I’m taking the dreamer

Saying goodbye to the girl who tried too hard to impress

* Keeping the girl who believes in who she is.

Saying goodbye to the girl who was ready to leave her home, find her place by forcing herself to stay away.

* Taking the girl who loves making a home.

Saying goodbye to the girl who said my ways are the right ways. No one will tell me anything diff {oh how fun 20 was}

* Keeping the girl who sincerely cares, listens and understands

Saying goodbye to the girl who ran from her problems

* Keeping the girl who knows how to fight and overcome

Lessons learned

Oh 20s you have been fun!! You have treated me beyond well and have taken me through some hardships, roller coasters, and whirlwinds. Many of lessons were learned from you. Boy did we go through a lot; 5 preganancies 4 kids, buried two babies, went through 3 different career paths, changed school twice, and finally graduated with 1 degree and 1 cert. Whoosh baby go Nados!!! all that schooling taught me knowledge is very important, growth, and dedication is crucial to have any success. I see so many people winging it bc they landed something good out of high school, but degrees seriously are the bees nees if you want to elevate yourself.

Tried to force love just to be cheated on, thought I found love just to be left, and gave up on life just to find out that real genuine love was and will always be the answer.

All of this in one decade just seems hard to believe.

I’ve learned so much in the past ten years alone I can’t be anything but grateful. I wouldn’t change a thing bc it has made me who I am today. I would like to say I would change wasted tears and carrying around other people’s guilt, concerns, and labels on my shoulders but then I wouldnt be who I am today. I’m left then with appreciation, For all the people who helped me be where I am. To the people who poured time and energy into me to help me be successful all because you believed in me even when I didn’t.To all the people who saw something in me and gave me a glimpse of hope, who gave me a soft push,

I even say, ‘Hats off’ to the people who discouraged me, turned their backs on me, judged me, and told me I was handling situations wrong. and even ones who pulled and dragged me down. I have learned all so much from u.

This is how I feel about all u..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I’ll just keep smiling, brushing off those small words, I’m making 2019 my B!

Boy do I owe a lot to the people who listened to me dream. To the people who told me I could do anything I set my mind to! To the people who taught me the power of pen, putting things down, writing my goals and to see myself grabbing them.

20s you’ve taught me a lot, farewell and hello to being 30 in a whole new year 🥂 to new beginnings! Happy new year everyone- oh heck why not- Say goodbye to all the negative and may all you have the most beautiful blessings come your way this year!!!! Most importantly grow peeps, learn more, strive for greatness and know anything is yours if you will it!!!

-Ashly Williams, walking into 2019 like a queen!!! 👸👸

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