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Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow??! Crazy huh? The year has flown!!! I hope you all have been enjoying your 25 days of Christmas traditions and festivities! All those festivals, Christmas parties, treats and we can’t forget the annual visit to Santa. We have our old traditions that have brought us some awesome Xmas cheer, but this year I wanted to do some things a little different. Don’t get me wrong the Xmas fun is still there, you can even check out our recent Christmas fun. {You can even see our extremely fun experience at Ice! last year} We really did have so much fun revisiting all the old traditions with all three kiddos remembering each one. Even reminding us of some of the things we needed to do! Haha

However, this year I wanted to add some more magic to the season. The magic of knowing the true meaning of Christmas.

To change the kids thinking from how many gifts they want to why we celebrate Christmas to begin with. I added 5 Easy activities that focused on Jesus’s birth. I want the littles to worship and praise the good news. That’s exactly what I got this year, Merry Christmas to me!! And Merry Christmas to all you mommas, try these fun and meaningful activities that will help your children have fun while learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Five Christmas Activities to help your children learn the true meaning of Christmas.

1. Christmas trees– we watched one of the twelve videos of the Jelly Telly Series discussing what Christmas really means. One of the videos is of the true meaning of Christmas Trees. We learned that they are a way to worship Jesus. Originally others were worshiping other Gods, {Thor} and a guy walking around speaking truth and proved to them that Thor wasn’t real by cutting down a tree and not getting struck by lightning. So everyone brought a tree into their homes as a way to worship Jesus. Some sorry right?! I loved it, so it was cool to discuss the meaning of the epitome of Christmas revolving around the messiah. I never even knew this, so it was fun learning this with the kids.

2. Kindness Hay. This one is my favorite as it’s something that super easy and very meaningful. It seemed like it was the kids favorite this year as well. I got the idea off of Abcjesuslovesme from a whole list of other fun and meaningful Christmas activities. When your kids do something kind for someone they get a piece of Hay. They put the Hay in Jesus’ bed with the goal of making it thick and cozy so baby Jesus will be nice and warm when he’s born on his birthday. The first week everyone would scream and run downstairs to fill his bed with their Hay! Now they just do kind things so willingly for one another that it truly has been a sight to see. Even my youngest has been kind to everyone, picking up stuff for her siblings, getting water for them, and helping them when they fall. It seriously has been the sweetest. Daddy has even noticed when I’m being nice and gets the kids to shower me in Hay so I can pitch in as well. It’s been my favorite Christmas activity this year for sure.

3. Countdown for Jesus’s birthday. We have a snowman that we have used for three years that countdown to Christmas, but this year we have changed one simple thing…verbiage. We stop saying “5 days till Christmas” to “5 days till Jesus Birthday!!” So each day the kids know exactly what we are celebrating, what is coming and what we are getting excited about!

It coincides perfectly with the church and their bible studies this month and all the living nativity scenes acted out at Awana. Awana is a faith based club that helps the children grow their faith. That’s why I’m so glad that we have our church community and other people speaking the truth into my children. I have discussed before how crucial it is for a child’s spiritual growth to have a community that aligns with home beliefs.

I honestly feel like this Christmas the kids are filled with the true Christmas magic. They are able to tell me the story of Jesus birth and can even share it with others. It’s been a very very impactful Christmas for us all.

4. Angels. This cute activity is another find from abcjesuslovesme. It’s simple and the kids loved it because we got to use glitter lol. When we finished them I had our three little angels yell “hallelujah” praising how our true King was born for us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, he sent his one and only Son.

5. Star of David dress up game!! We discussed endlessly why we have the tree and so we had to discuss the Star on top of the tree!

family gathered around Christmas tree

I saw this idea on Pinterest to dress up as shepherds and find the stars around your house to represent the journey of the wise men.

My kiddos love scavenger hunts {who doesn’t} and this is a very easy and simple to do activity. You can use just stickers, star shapes, or star lights!! This game can even be used during Xmas without causing to much havoc just in case the kiddos are getting bored waiting for food. I used a special star in “Jesus bed” so they can see exactly where the star led the wise men and the star has stayed there since bc Ayden said that it had to stay there until baby Jesus was born so we can always remember where to go. ❤️❤️❤️

Christmas isn’t about how many Xmas events you can go to, or getting all the gifts. Yes they’re all fun, and make great family traditions and memories. It’s not even about making it to the four different Christmas parties that you have to rush around to even try to make it to everyone. If that’s what you like to do then do you, If you’re one of the families who have adopted to not run around, stay at home with yours and enjoy Xmas as a close nit family then awesome. I see it becoming more and more popular now that people feel like they have a right to do that. Which everyone does, families are big, running around is tiring and def takes away from the true meaning of what we are even celebrating. Which ever way you do Xmas, the busy runner, the awesome wrapper, the chill joyful homebody, or the extremist, just take time to think of what we are celebrating, think of the sacrifice that was made for you, and think of others.

Have a very merry Xmas everyone, whether you believe or not, you’re loved beyond measure and by celebrating Xmas, you’re celebrating the birth of a King!! It truly is the best gift we could ever receive!!!

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