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Indoor obstacle course for children

When thinking about ways to keep children healthy and fit, its quite simple really.

Keep them active!!

During the summer time it’s even more crucial to get them out and about. Summertime builds character, builds confidence, and is a great place to build routines and try regimens.

Unfortunately summertime is when kids get sedentary because they are stuck inside watching tv and playing video games for most of summer. They gain weight because they snack more often than eat healthy meals. According to NHANES, the national childhood obesity rate is 18.5% affecting 13.7 million children!! The prevalence being 13.9% of 2-5 year olds, 18.4% among 6-11 year olds, and 20.6% among 12-19 year olds.

As you can see it varies with age and gets higher with age. Kids need to have healthy habits enstilled in them earlier so they grow up thinking it’s the way and nothing else. They need to grow up with the tools and information so they have a fighting chance against childhood obesity. It’s a serious problem in the United States and it’s putting children and adolescents at high risk for poor health. The sad part, is low income and low educated households are the ones that suffer the most. The poor choices they use, as in unhealthy choices, are due to low income. “Healthy food is just too expensive” or “Buying a dollar cheeseburger is cheaper and easier.”

Truth is though if you buy a happy meal every day for a week, besides your belly hurting, your wallet hurts in the end as well. You’re better off buying a $5.78 1.4lb package of beef stew meat at Target mixed with potatoes, squash, carrots, broccoli, and your own blended mix of sauces and can feed all of your family up to 5 (like ours) for supper + lunch and dinner the next day. Meanwhile giving your family nutritious caloric intake. Dollar for dollar buying your own food and making it at home will always be the cheaper route than buying cheap, unhealthy greasy fast food any day. So then why, why is this the problem?

I can go on and on about unhealthy choices made for the younger generation. My early years as a personal trainer I wanted to specialize in children’s fitness and health. I used to help hold little boot camps at schools for elementary school aged children. Our mindset is anything added to their routine was better than not doing anything at all.

Which is why I want to share with you a great indoor obstacle course you can set up for your children to keep them active. This took me less than 2 mins to set up and they played on it for an hour. Now this course isn’t limited to inside but it’s a great way to keep the littles active for a long time without dying of heat. Now, you don’t need to have all this equipment to be able to set up an obstacle course for kids. When I look at Pinterest I find all kind of courses made out of cups and pool noodles. All you have to do is have the mindset and drive to want to help your LOs and you can come up with all kind of fun ways for your kids to stay active.

Now that all the kiddos are back in school they are ready for their little bodies to get to moving once they get home. I wanted to create an environment just for that. I hope these help you get inspired to find ways to keep your kids active. If you’re like me though and don’t want to do all the searching then here’s some ideas.

Fitness obstacle course for children:

I set this one up with 7 stations. Now when setting up a course for kids you can set one thing up, have them do an exercise then set up another. Repeat. It doesn’t have to be this extravagant.

We just bought the water limbo sprayer and I though before we took it outside it would be a great way to start the course! The kids love it inside more than they do outside with the sprayer. It’s a hit.

The equipment:

Foam Mats

Stepping stones

Cheese Mat

Mini Trampoline


Sit n Spin

The course:

I had them limbo, then roll down the cheese mat with a forward roll, head to the grey mat and do another forward roll.

Walk on the stepping blocks with alternating feet for Ayden who’s 6 and any way Aliyna, who’s 3 wanted to walk through it she could.

Then I had them go to the kiddie mats I got at Walmart on sale. They are the mats that are made to sleep on in preschool. But I love them because they have extra cushion. I had them crab crawl on the outside of the mat for Big A and Aliyna just crab walk down and this was a little bit of a challenge for her. I was shocked because when I was learning to do my handstands we started with crab walk for 5 mins a day. I think the challenge for her was to get her little arms and feet spread far enough apart.

then I had them jump for 30 seconds and immediately go spin themselves around for 30 seconds. This little course was a hit and now everyday after school they are racing into the gym to let loose.

I hope you and your LOs are staying fit, making healthy choices, and have fun doing both. 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️

~~whisper~~ “if you build it, they will come to play.”

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