On the Night Before Kindergarten

As a mom going through this the first time I have one thing to say…WOW!

I can’t believe this day is here. It’s crazy how all the thoughts, emotions, fears, and concerns run crazy in your head but somehow mix with pride, awe, love, and courage that makes this magical mixture of moments.

I’ve realized my son is watching me like a hawk. If I even show the slightest bit of sadness it makes him turn inward and become an introvert. I want him to be excited for this day and to feel encouraged to be himself. I’ve been reading articles left and right from Dr. Laura Markham and they’ve been such great reads with amazing tips for the week before school, and how to prepare your child for kindergarten/ school.

✔️ I’ve been giving all the verbal cues, talking about schedules,

made up a rhyme for us to use everyday when we say goodbye.

✔️ We’ve met the teacher and took a picture with her so we could print it out and he could have it at home so she becomes another friend in our family.

✔️ I’ve been asking him ways he’s going to solve problems when I’m not there.

I’ve done all the things I thought would be necessary to help him with this soft push out into this new journey.

Nothing prepared me for the night before kindergarten though? Nothing prepared me for the uncontrollable crying outburst fighting inside me, meanwhile I’m sitting here filling my kid with motivation. I’ve literally had to tell myself over and over again, think about him, think about him. Now no, I’m not afraid to cry in front of him, he’s seen me cry plenty. I just know if I cry, it will change his view of school. I want him to be nothing but confident, brave, and excited. I know he’s nervous, of course, but I don’t want to feed that wolf inside him.

So I only wanted to talk about ways to build his brain up for tomorrow. So I planned these 5 easy small things to do with Ayden to help him get ready for school tomorrow.

1. Family Appreciation Time. I wanted today to be about reminding him who he is, and what our family values are. I kind of piggybacked a little off of the conversation we had last Friday during our “Tentative Family Meetings.” Click in link if you want to know more about ours, but it’s a great idea not only to talk about family to dos, POAs for any upcoming events, but to focus on our family values and discuss who we are as a family. So tonight during supper I brought them up, and had everyone go around the table and speak appreciation about another. To explain how they appreciate them for… and to state one thing they liked that they did with them during the summer.

2. Read Books

I found these books at target and had the kindergarten fairy drop them off during supper so when he went upstairs to get ready for bed, they were there. Ready to get read and to prepare his little mind for his big day tomorrow. These books were so helpful to put an image of what his future holds. He asked so many questions throughout the book. He talked about how he didn’t want me to cry cause that would make him sad. I’m so glad we discussed that because I was planning on crying in front of him. Now, I know that is not the best way to go about it. He needs that constant encouragement. If I show sadness that big ole heart of his empathizes with me and will get down and hug me, and cry with me. So…NOPE. Don’t want to make that mistake. Here I was thinking it would be sweet and motherly, I couldn’t wait to express the amount of pride through glistening tears rolling down my cheeks.

3. Discussed His New Schedule. They say when practice meets preparedness success happens. I’ve discussed with him many of times how our morning schedule will be, we’ve practicing it all week. Yet, I haven’t once told him about how his day at school will look like. At our Knights United night where we meet the his Teacher I received a daily schedule and I just thought hey, I should tell him this. Ayden is a very detailed-oriented boy. He wants to know everything about everything that he can get out of ya. Typical boy. Little engineering minds, always analyzing the hows and whys. At our wedding he wouldn’t go and meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters that we surprised them with until he figured out exactly what they were. He came up to me about five mins after they arrived, and asked, “Mom, those are people right? I remember thinking, what? Spoiler alert! He stated, well mom, I know they are, because I saw Minnie Mouse’s wrist between her glove and suit!” He’s an analyzer for sure and needs to know in order to feel safe, confident, and ready. Just like every kid needs and should feel. I want that for him. Especially when I see what confidence did to him at the the meet and greet.

Ayden has this suit with a vest and a tie. We got it for him on Easter and he didn’t get to wear it because he ended up going to his dads this year. He asked for the loooooongest time to wear it places that it would be like completely unnecessary to wear it to. He finally got to wear it for the Parent/ Child dedication ceremony, a month later but that has been it.

Well I’m cheesy, and I set up a whole photo sesh with him to commemorate this moment. It’s kind of my thing I do with them that’s fun and Ayden usually enjoys it quite well. I asked him to pick out his outfit he wanted to wear and he immediately no holds bar “I want my suit!” I smiled and was stoked because that’s what I was hoping for!! The pics came out great!! I am obsessed with them, he’s so stinking adorable. I don’t know you tell me what do you think?

The best part though is to see him being cocky, confident, poised and literally pushing himself up in a way that I’ve seen a handful of times. I was screaming out loud, I was so happy to be apart of it and to be able to capture it was awesome as well. All that the he exhibits Ted and showed me for the pics, he carried that with him to meet his teacher. Principles and directors were commenting on his outfit, and he was shaking hands, introducing himself, ran up to his teacher practically, and when I asked them to take a picture he instantly sits with her on her lap 😍 my heart is so relieved and in love with him. This is everything I could have hoped for in this moment of time. He even asked to go back because he had to say goodbye to his teacher and give her another hug! This guy was too cute. I saw how he when he feels confident he’s a whole different kid. I’m telling ya, I’m going to do my darnest to always make sure he feels that way. So all he has to focus on is the dreaming. Fear blocks so much growth, I don’t want that for him. That’s why when I saw that schedule I thought it would be best to share it with him. I want my big man to float tomorrow. I cant wait to hear all about what his day was like.

4. Summer Flashback – We counted brave moments where he may have shown fear, nervousness, or disbelief in himself. We pepped talked, changed his thinking, then boom he told himself he could, which led him to success. We did a lot of big things this summer, that challenged him to overcome a lot of fear and doubts. It was awesome to go over them all and then when he started recalling some on his own I couldn’t be any prouder, I could see him breaking out of his shell before my eyes. To see yourself overcoming obstacles despite your fears is a huge stepping stone for kids, heck for everyone. Mindset is everything. Especially for Ayden, he tends to focus on the “I cants” and retreat to sulking, I don’t know why, when all we ever tell him for literally four years now, “To never say I can’t”. We focus on changing that language to “Its hard, I just need a little help, or it’s too difficult right now, but if I keep trying I will succeed.” I mean it’s a daily task to keep this kid believing in himself. So to see himself think about ways he has overcome doubt tonight gave me the goosies!

5. Pray

For him, for his new friends and their families, and for all the teachers. It’s been awesome to see him pray for others above himself. It’s one thing to pray for family members, but now he’s praying for other people he doesn’t even know.

I’ve come across these Prayers to Pray with your child during the first two weeks of school from faith gateway’s newsletters.

I think these five easy things helped prepare him, and get his mindset where it needs to be as he embarks on this new journey. He mentioned being s little nervous vs all last week being he didn’t want to go because he was really nervous. He went to bed excited and with a smile, so I really do feel like these things helped so I wanted to share them. I hope everyone’s first weeks at school goes smooth, with safe travels, and many good stories.

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