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I’m always looking for new ways to grow LO’s brains. Their mental capacity as well as how their brain tells them to respond to situations. I came acrross BLJ, Big Life Journal, a guided journal that is the world’s first growth mindset book created specifically for children.

It is full of growth mindset activities that help children to recognize their ability to respond in a proactive manner. In a hard, tough, and stressful situations. Science says 92 percent of people don’t achieve their goals. Perhaps, its because most of them have never learned how to effectively set their goals. I personally dislike it when my children say “I can’t”. That is not a statement allowed in our house. Long before I came across BLJ, however I do like how they gave me plenty of examples of the type of phrases I can use with my child instead of I can’t. Before I would say, I’m sorry I didn’t understand you when you say those words, because I believe you can do it. Plus, I know if you try harder, you might find out that you can. SO, do you want to try again?’ It was good, because they would laugh, but now with BLJ’s phases I’ve used:

“When it’s hard, it’s because you’re brain is learning something new.”

“You’ve just got a new wrinkle in the brain, that’s why it feels hard.”

“Don’t say I can’t, just say, I can do it, with a little help from a parent or an adult.”

Just to give a few examples.

BLJ seriously has so many resources that I need and want to use with my children, that I can go on and on about how each one of their blog aligns with what I say here. But if you’re a parent, check this site out. I promise, you won’t regret it. I purchased a few items but I started out with the package Growth Mindset Printables Kit. These printable challenges provide fun activities which help children develop growth mindset, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and improve their self-esteem. you can also help your child learn the skill of goal-setting, which is critical for developing grit than just simply getting what you want out of life. This kit includes:

5-Day 􏰘 growth 􏰊mindset challenge

7-Day􏰘 gratitude challenge

7-Day 􏰛positi􏰜vity challenge.

27 pages of printable worksheets, puzzles, and writing activities.

The first activity that we had to do was to learn about how our Brain Grows to begin with. SO, we started out with I Can Grow My Brain worksheet. It was fun because of the size. The kids were amazed at how we made it, and then to put it together and see the size of it made all their eyes huge!! They were excited to hold such a huge brain. I loved how they had the fill in the blank spots because to hear their answers not only made me laugh, but to see that they understand and recognize the points that we are discussing.


I’ve loved it alone for the activities, the quotes, the explanations, phases, examples, challenges, goal setting action plans, and the stress regulator. Every page in the package is something that I will use, and need to be reminded of. I’m so glad I stumbled across the resource. Joining with them has been great for the family, especially since my middle child has issues regulating her emotions. The facebook group and weekly challenges given by the leaders are also great ways to stay engaged and challenge yourself as the parent.

It is impossible to focus on your child’s growth mindset without growing your own. I loved going through these because it not only helps them with their obstacles and challenges, but it helps me model that behavior for them.

Besides the journal they also have other resources for your child:

Growth Mindset Printables Kit is a collection of engaging worksheets, posters, and coloring pages for children. It also includes printables guides for parents and teachers. Recommended age range is 5-11. Some posters can be used with younger and older kids.

Growth Mindset Activity Kit is a collection of fun activities and games which promote growth mindset and help develop important life skills. You can start using them with kids ages 4 and above. 

Challenges Kit is a collection of our most popular 7-day or 5-day challenges for children which promote self-love, growth mindset, gratitude, and positivity.  Recommended age range is 5-12.

Famous Failures Kit is a printable set of worksheets highlighting famous people from around the world who have failed and struggled on their way to success. Recommended age range is 5-14.

Inspirational Quotes Kit is beautifully illustrated collection of inspirational quotes for kids, parents, and teachers.

Each Friday they have new and improved LESSON PLANS to teach growth mindset 💡 that provide key life skills — persistence, self-confidence, learning from mistakes, & more!

Check out Big Life Journal to get your big brain pdf and find a world of opportunities to help your child’s growth mindset and mental stability. If you use any of them and like them or need further information contact me. I’d love to chat with you.

Ashly Williams, ATEAM MOM




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