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5 Ways to do summer for Free!

Summer is a time of wander. Yes, I said wander not wonder. I think it’s a time to wander outdoors and find mysterious areas. Gain confidence, bravery and enhance our imaginations. OLD or Young, Summer is a time to knock something off your “Bucket List”. It’s a time to shut off the noise, go outside, look at the stars at night, and jump off into anything new,  Outdoors I mean really summer days are meant for the outdoor life, lets not forget to mention how useful outdoors are for children’s mental growth.I like to keep the kids active so finding the right resources that keep me current are important. As always FB is a great place to look for events, but don’t forget to look at local libraries, hospitals, and churches. 

1. Go to your local lake. Find WATER! There are so many options for people who don’t live near a beach. Lake Pflugerville is our go to but there are so many places in Austin to find water. Brushy Creek, Zilker, Barton Springs, Lady Bird Lake, Resevoirs, and creeks. However some of these do charge.

2. Splash Pads.-  Are our kids favorite right now just because of their age, but obviously anything with water makes summer days fun. We love these no only because of the fun, but we make it into some sort of fitness challenge. There are so many splash pads that are free in our local neighborhoods that I never knew were around us until I did a search and found 5 just within .5 miles from us. There are more than you think and they’re FREE!!!!

3. Church Events – They always have free and fun ways to keep your children connected to a community that will build them up, and share same beliefs, and show your children how much they are loved. Meanwhile, the kids are having a blast. Backyard Bible Clubs are the best and each church has at least 10+ BYBC going on. We have one that gets hosted every summer right at our community pool area. Last year we did it and I felt recharged, ampted, and excited with the kiddos. To this day we still sing 🎶 grandpa shark doooo doooo doo doo dooo 🎶 lol. The End of the year church events are the best, from socials, meet-ups, to Summerfest. HCBC Summerfest was a blast!!!! There were rockwalls, games, bouncy houses, bubble pools, water catapults, and endless inflatables. I mean honestly it was too much for us to do it all. Besides we enjoyed the bubbles way too much.



4. Have a picnic. It costs what ever you bring along with you. But this something that you can do anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Something that is easy and gets you all out of the house together.

5. Newspaper Events- If you’re trying to beat the heat, there are many options for you, Local Libraries are always holding awesome craft events, learning events, and have some sort of petting zoos, or fun events for the kids. Coffee Houses, Art museums, Art Crafts,  police departments, and radio stations have many events indoors that provide mental growth. Having local newspapers really are the best resources to help find events. I religiously look at IMPACT a local newspaper, which for me is the Impact for Pflugerville| Austin. that we recieve in the mail, and it always has fun things to do that I don’t find anywhere else!! An added bonus is staying current with your radio stations as well, I follow and subscribed to Spirit 105.9 and they list events that grow you and your family spiritually, from music, seminars, events, and trips.

Library and Hospitals- Libraries host so many informational, educational, and exciting events during the summer. Our local library has had petting zoos, comic cons, camps, book clubs, science camps, stem camps, princess days, reading days, craft days, robotic days, and I can literally go on forever.

Stay current, prepared, and you will create an amazing summer for you and your family without paying a dime. As you are reading this with hopefully sunkissed skin, my hope for you is to enjoy these long  summer days, because soon we will be back in hyper speed. I hope you crank up your speakers as loud as they can go to Luke Bryan’s new song Sunrise, Sunburns, Sunsets…and Repeat dance around and let it become your summer motto. I hope the sun rays, waves and summer winds take you to a place of wonder, adventure, and magic times in your life. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, remember to relax, enjoy the moment, and just take advantage of these long free days that will leave you with a faint dream.

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