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Easy Exercises to Do While Watching TV

Equipment: None

Time: 30 mins or you can extend it to an hour.

Muscle Groups: Abdominals and Glutes

Expertise: Beginners

These 5 exercises are easy, simple, and don’t take much effort to do. They focus on your abs and glutes and require no weights. The greatest part is you can do these 5 Easy Exercises during one of your favorite shows, or if you’re like me, while your kids watch their favorite show. It’s something to give you that workout feeling before bed or something to do mid day to kind of give you a little boost during that sleepy hour. Sleepy hour? You know the one that you struggle getting through every day. These are great for beginners, experts, and moderate lifters. They are easy to do in beginning and also can add extra maintenance for the fittest.

The moves:

Here are the five simple holds.

1. Frog Kick Hold

2. Bridge

3. Abs

4. Leg Raise (Hold)

5. Dead Roach (Hold)

These exercises are great for so many reasons. From increasing shape and definition, all the way to being easy on the body and can’t cause harm to someone who can’t move fast or repetitious.

These exercises are meant to be a simple move. All you have to do is hold the position for 30s-5 mins. I used to do these all the time in high school all the way up to my 25s. I did them every night even after my workouts to just kind of enhance my muscles. Bruce Lee used to walk around with the muscle stimulators on to always have his muscles at work. It’s the same concept. You are adding minimal exercise to something you do everyday that will enhance growth. Only this way its free.

These aren’t meant to try and help you lose drastic amount of weight, but these will help anyone with muscle stamina and endurance. They test your ability to hold a move flexed for a longer period than just 1-15 reps.

Routine: Every show is about 30 mins long. With 3-4 commercial breaks. The length of the show usually goes on about 9-12 minutes with commercial breaks being the average of 5 mins.

Every time the show is on, do your favorite hold, alternating between each hold back and forth each time the show plays. During commercial breaks you do one of the three harder holds/ least favorite holds and alternate them each commercial break. leaving you with doing the harder moves for 5 mins each one time each.

For example:

Show: Crunch Hold

Com. Break: Frog Kicks (Hold)

Show: Crunch Hold

C.B.: Leg Raises

Show: Bridge

C.B.:Dead Roach Hold

Another awesome thing about these five moves is you can play with them however you like. I used to just do one hold for one show. To focus on just one muscle group a day. For instance, I just did the Ab hold during commercial breaks and rest during the show. I had to work my way up to even be able to do the hold while the show was playing. Then, I moved up to doing the hold during the show and resting during commercial breaks. You can play with it to your comfort level. Which makes these great. I do all five because I’m trying to do a little more than just one move in the 30 minute time frame and hit one more muscle group.

Abs and glutes are my constant main focus right now so I hope you enjoy these 5 easy exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. If this is helpful please comment below! If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask away.

I’ve linked a video below to help explain and give visual aid. I hope you are enjoying your own fitness journey and finding fun through the hard moments. Remember push through!!

Start it, Commit, Succeed

Ashly Williams

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