5 Fun Easter Activities for Your Family

Fun Easter activities to do with your family.

Easter is a lot of things. It’s a time to celebrate many things. Family, togetherness, Jesus Sacrifice, God’s promise, God’s eternal love, and of course Jesus Has RISEN!!! There are also all the fun things you can do to prep for an Easter Day Egg Hunt. Easter is a lot like Christmas, as parents you always try to share what the true meaning of the holiday is while trying to maintain the excitement of all the fun things the community does for our babes. Boy is there a lot of activities everywhere. Almost everyday somewhere something is going on for the two weeks leading up to Easter Holiday. Not even going to lie, I definitely experience Millennial remorse when I have to weed through them all and pick just one. Some of them are really cool but just way to extravagant for me. I feel like not everything needs to be with thousands of people. Besides, this year the kids had two egg hunts before Easter, one at my Aunt Pat’s and one at the library, that I felt like I didn’t have to plan for more. The glow in the dark hunt was cute, because my Dad, Aunt Pat, and Uncle all thought the change up on it was pretty awesome as well. I think the adults liked it so much because they got to pitch in and actually help find the eggs with the kids and so they enjoyed that they could be kids too! It’s always great when you land a solid like that. I even heard my Aunt talking about it the next day to her friends, impact made. Success!! That’s why I have listed it below with a few more ideas that you can do with your children to enjoy the holiday together.

Before we dig into them though, I want to share an experience I had with the kids during their second Easter Egg Hunt. We were at the Pflugerville Library for Story Time and Egg Hunt, and a lot of kids came so they had to put a five egg maximum on each kid.

Easter egg @ Library

Now you try and tell anxious little children that they can only have five eggs when they see 100s laying around right in front of them. Ya, exactly. So, we turned around and hoped for the best to happen. We knew someone was going to walk out throwing a fit, just not sure which one of us it would be. DUM DUM dummmm. We hunted our first five in of course t-minus half a second. So we had to distract the kiddos around the library so we could wait until everyone else was done so we could leave. Didn’t want to have to push through everyone hunting. So, we waited, well then we heard the lady say something as kids in the other room 2 and below come in. Didn’t quite make it out, but realized that a lot of kids didn’t have any eggs in their baskets. We walked by a few with my heart breaking as the kids were crying, looking and I heard their parent’s say, I’m sorry their all gone. Gosh, I can only imagine the feeling they have, you take your kids somewhere so they can have fun and yet they leave with complete disappointment and you can’t do anything to make it okay. UGH! Not a fun experience. So, as we continued to walk through the room and see more kids upset, the kids started noticing as well. They stopped and asked what was wrong with the other kids, and we explained to them, and we all kind of looked around at each other and Josh and I both asked the kids if they would like to put some back for the kids that didn’t have any. They all smiled and with no hesitation smiled and agreed. They didn’t just hide one, they each hid two Easter eggs for other kids. I stopped them hugged them and let them watch as a little girl who had no eggs at all, find their eggs. I was so happy they got to see that little girl smile and be happy. They changed that little girls mood and outcome of her day. Moments like these are experiences that we can all use to help remind our children what really matters. I was so proud to see them not only doing the right thing, but sacrificing something of theirs for the goodness of others. While we were outside I hugged on the kiddos more and used the opportunity to compare their actions to Jesus’ actions. It was a great teachable moment. I feel like if you pay attention enough as a parent we are hit with many great teachable moments to help draw our children closer to Jesus. We just have to capitalize on them.

Kids Giving Back on Easter
Two kids giving back their Easter eggs with smiles.

Below are five easter activities that I feel like are other activities you can use as teachable moments with your children to explain all that Easter is for us.

  1. Holy Week Devotionals. I got these ideas from HCBC Children’s Ministry.   28827868_568840610145783_522133436075151650_oThey inspired me to look a little deeper and I found a few websites and blogs that I want to share with you. I think they are good to help you find some devotionals that are good for your family for all holidays. Focus on the family, is a website that has all kinds of articles to help your family grow and draw closer to Jesus together. There is an awesome Easter Pack that you can download and read through. I loved these Holy Week devotionals a little more just because they were more interactive for the littles, but enjoyed the Holy Week from the church’s because I love our worship space we created.
  2. Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt. This is a fun twist on the every year ritual. This year we used glow sticks to put inside the eggs and let them hunt them that way. The kids liked it because it was all different and quite a challenge for them.We put up signs so they could help point them in the right direction. Last year, we did a flashlight egg hunt and Joshua had set traps to go off for when they walked by. Little did we know the pully system he had set up required a little more weight and ended up knocking down little man. OOoops! Then as he got up the Easter basket swung right over his head! Close call!!! To say the least there’s so many ways you can change the regular hunt to make it special for your kids. Next year we are thinking a nerf Easter Egg Hunt, if you shoot the egg, then you get it. The importance isn’t the hunt, but the fun of the hunt. What is important is the meaning. We later explained to them that before Jesus everyone walked in darkness and by him coming, he gave us light, he was our hope of a better future.
  3. Palm Sunday Activity. We’ve spent a lot of time this month talking about the importance of Jesus sacrifice. What it means for us-Eternal life with God. So, Palm Sunday was a great way to refocus their mind on the week ahead. This activity was simple, and one that they all could complete. Later on that day, we cut down some palms from our yard and let the kiddos wave them around and yell “Hosana”.
  4. Good Friday-Show them Eternal Love. This was a Holy Week activity that I absolutely had to try and it was so much fun! I got it from Focused on Family, Walking through the Holy Week. You cut each child a piece of yarn the size of their arm, explain to them that this is them before Jesus. Separate from God, but after Jesus’ sacrifice, we are granted Eternal Life with God. You tie the ends back to the sheath and explain that now we are with God for eternal life.

That He so loved us, that he sent us His only son

Them, you just let them go crazy with it. They ran all over the house. No lie, 3700 sq feet of yarn everywhere. In all the rooms, loft, stairs, kitchen, hallway and living room, The kids went crazy with the yarn but then it went really crazy. Yarn was everywhere but they loved it. They got to visually see that God’s love for us goes on and on and on and on. That life with him is forever. They ended up climbing through it all night long. For Ayden, it became a spider web that he was trying to escape. HAHAH, oh boys will be boys.

5. Easter Egg Catapult. Another great website I found was, Little Bins for Little Hands, a blog that is focused around STEAM. We are definitely a family of science nerds so anytime we can join science into the kids learning, we do. This was a fun activity that didn’t have anything to do with God or Jesus but it was a great learning activity for their little engineering minds. Make a catapult out of ten popsicles, 8 tied together for your “Lever” and attach one on the bottom in between the bottom and second to bottom popsicle stick. Then you take the last one put it on top of all of it and tie the two together. Attach a plastic spoon to the top one and start shooting away. We used the activity to catapult to certain lengths, targets, and easter buckets. We moved the lever around so they could see what would happen and would allow them to make predictions along the way. This activity lasted for an hour. Aliyna even enjoyed the flying balls and eggs.


I hope all of you have the most blessed Easter, and only the best of memories be made. I’ll leave you with the little chefs  MAKING COOKIES!!! Like I said, anytime we can, we are a baking.


~Ashly Williams

If you try any of these or enjoy the ideas of them please share, like, and comment below!

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