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Image by Ashly Williams of our Late Rupert Gossett on one of his last adventures before Cancer took him from us.

Law of Unity

I am revisiting, “>The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by the infamous, Deepak Chopra. I mentioned previously that this book has helped me before, however I have abandoned some  of the techniques. I love the timing that this has come up for me because after all Spring is in the air. I feel as if this time is the season of “regrowth” with a combination of “new growth” to help my mental stability. So, this is actually pretty exciting for me as I am too in this season of “regrowth” with myself personally. I want to readminister these habits back into my schedule so my mental state and stability continue to stay on the positive side. Anytime anyone experiences depression, or a devasting time and event, such as our miscarriage, the mind goes through a chemical reaction. I realized that I was slipping because I became angry faster, agitated, and the moment I realized that I was constantly apologizing to my family for being grumpy, I knew I needed to focus on my mental state again.

I’m focusing on one law at a time for 30 days so I can ensure that they each properly get placed into my life and schedule with the right amount of focus and clarity vs cramming all seven in my brain at once.

  • side note, I feel like anything new that you are trying out should be handled with the same mindset. Take baby steps, don’t try and do it all at once, you’re only setting yourself up for failure and possibly self destruction. Focus on it for 30 days and measure where it is that you stand with the new habit.

The fun thing about revisiting this specific law is that it is Intellectual Growth that connects you with endless opportunities and the chance to connect with the world in a spiritual way. So it’s a two-fer deal. It blends mentality with your spirituality to allow you to become completely one with your core you-ness. To me tactics like these are the most beautiful, because they allow you to learn how to work different facets of yourself as one. I feel like I need to practice this more often which is why I am re reading this book to begin with.

My goal is to rebuild my zen within and make sure that it is connected to God, and nature so I can be re awakened. For I feel like I have been spiritually napping. I am picking up my daily habits of connection with my Father, however I’m not encompassing his beauty around me as much as I used to so I have been dramatically focusing on this other side of his beauty that allows me to open up in a way that refuels my heart, my spirit, and my inner strength. Therefor rebuilding my inner core into yet again this strong, mystic, free being.

Now to put your Chopraness in full effect start by making a commitment by taking these  three steps:

  1. I will get in touch with the field of pure potentiality by taking time each day to be silent, to just BE. I will also sit alone in silent meditation atleast twice a day for approximately 30 minutes in am and 30 minutes in the evening.

Soaking up the views, smells, and sounds of freedom.




When you learn to experience the field of pure silence + pure awareness it leads to infinite correlation, infinite organizing power and you realize everything is inseparably connected to everything else.

– Deepak Chopra






2. I will take time each day to commune with nature and to silently witness the intelligence within every living thing.




I will sit silently and watch a sunset, sunrise etc. For in the ecstasy of my own silence, I will enjoy the life throb of ages. The field of pure potentiality and unbounded creativity.





Stillness– is the first requirement for manifesting your desires because in the stillness lies your connection to the field of pure potentiality that which then orchestrates an infinite amount of details for you.

-Deepak Chopra









3. I will practice non judgement. I will begin each day with the statement “Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.” Throughout the day I will remind myself of this for this creates silence and clarity in my mind.

Again, I feel as if this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for my family and myself. I have been drawn to nature lately and have brought my children down this path of appreciation with me. It’s kind of a coincidence as well that in there at home curriculum right now we’ve been talking about how God talks to us by whispering in our hearts, not in our ears. So we must learn to quiet the world long enough to allow his words to imprint on their hearts. You see, this is another lesson that you can do with the whole family. Take them outside, sit in silence together.

I will reconnect in comments below to describe any hiccups, problems, or breakthroughs for the next thirty days while I go through this process. I hope you can join me and sit in silence just for a moment. If all you can do is five minutes then take a family time out, start there and eventually see if it’s enjoyable enough to lead you to more moments of silence. If this does indeed move you to try and sit outside, in front of a garden, or even in your own backyard, or just a silent room, filled with darkness. Take a photo, put in the comments below or let me know on overallfitness4all’s facebook page. I’d love to see people try to connect to who they are meant to be.

If you are curious to know more about the book or want to further deepen your Chopraness check out his site here.

All pictures courtesy of Ashly Williams

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