5 Things to do with your Family on Valentines Day

Fun and easy things to do with your family to show love to one another.

February is one of my favorite months because we call it our “love month”. It’s the one month were we relish in the all the love. There are always so many things to do with your children on Valentines Day. Of course, it’s hard to do it on days like today when everyone works and goes to school. There is however the weekends or like we say, the “Month of Love”. So we can celebrate these moments any time of the month, not just on Valentines Day. The bottom five things to do are my Childrens and I’s favorite things to remind us how to show love to not only one another but to others as well.

1. Bake. Do you really need to have a reason to bake cookies, cupcakes, and a cake? I try to bake with my kids as often as I can, especially seeing their little smiles when they get to eat the finished product. Actually, baking in our house is kind of a big deal to us all. We get the special honor of having Chef Aliyna and Chef Ayden making appearances at our house. They bake the most amazing sweets. It’s a real joy honestly to not only have them join but to see them getting better and better at baking. You can see the proudness in their eyes. Not to forget to mention the love that goes into baking all of these things. It becomes a family ritual that I love because it teaches them to help one another, to have fun with the powder and that it is always okay to get a little dirty when you’re baking. They always love the messy part. The best part this year is that the kids will be baking with their Bita today so its a way to spend time showing love with their grandma, not just with us. Baking can be something that you do and enjoy with one another or can be sweet treats that you give to other people to spread the love.

Ayden Baking Heart Cake For Valentines
Baking Cakes for Valentines Ritual with the Family
Our first time cooking organic sugar cookies

2. Crafts. Kids love any crafts. They grow anytime they create anything and this is one craft I don’t tell them what to make. I simply say paint something that reminds you of love, something that makes you happy. You never know what stories or feelings you’re going to hear, and for the first time you may see your little Picasso bloom in a way that brings tears to your eyes. Love is something you can’t see, so it’s definitely interesting to see how they view it.

This year I even tried a new craft were they made a bouquet of “coffee filter flowers” that they made with markers and you spray water on them and they turned out to be beautiful pieces of art. I actually had a hard time letting them go because they were so great.

We even made some “flowers” by having fun with Chromatography and using some science to help make art. This was a fun activity because everyone loved how active we were in this craft. We played several games with this activity that allowed us to stay connected the entire time. Such as, who’s water will reach the top first. Who’s will have the most color? The best part was hearing them all say “absorb”. It seriously was the cutest thing ever. I had two little scientist bloom that day along with their flowers they created.

3. Cards. Make cards for one another, friends, neighbors, and extended family. Everyone appreciates a little kind gesture. Plus, it’s sweet to see them think of others before themselves. I told my children to make cards for who ever they wanted but that we needed to make sure we made some for our grandparents so they could feel their love from afar. They made people cards that I couldn’t even keep up with. This one is for my friend Jack. They met once and I have no idea how to send them to them. ( Oops sorry Jack but I think your card might get lost in the mail.) My son made one for everyone in the neighborhood and almost every family member. To see them want to spread love with just a card is truly precious because they talk about how they are going to walk up to the house with the cards behind their backs, and yell “SURPRISE!!”

4. Dance Party. These are always the funniest and cutest. We like to reign in the celebration with some groovy music and awesome dance moves. We are a family of dancers and love to get down with some fun dance moves. Ever since we had dance lessons for the wedding the two biggins dance together and spin around with one another. It’s seriously the cutest. So I propose to end the party with a slow dance just so they can see the love between Mommy and Daddy and get reminded of what Love looks like. If they’re anything like our kids, they will join in too and it becomes a “family love dance.”

5. Spread Love. Any way you can spread love through your day/month with one another, with loved ones, and your friends. This year we are going to try to go around the table and tell one another one thing we love about the other family member. Then after wards continue to spread love by making some phone calls and letting some peeps in the family know how cool they are.

I hope some of these can be intertwined into your families valentines day rituals. I know with bigger kids some of these might be hard since they are pretty active in their schools valentines gifts and/or their “Significant Others” gifts, but I think family comes first so have their friends or SO join in on some fun with the family. Have them join in on a diner were you all make sweets and go around the table and show appreciation to one another. Any way you can just show your family you love them. Hug them tight, kiss them often, and love them hard. ALWAYS.

I know I will.

– Ashly Williams.

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